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Sweet Baby “L”

I had the privilege of capturing another milestone in the life of this little munchkin… she’s 6 months! Where does the time go? She has already popped 2 little teeth, and is using them, her mama tells me… I took this little one to my favorite location, and though she looked so little amid the tall weeds, she outshone them all! What a beauty God’s creation is, those gorgeous goldenrods, the sky stretched wide, that sun warming the earth with all it’s glory, and amid all of that… a beautiful little baby girl! She was very interested in the gravel all around, those little ones pop everything in their mouth, don’t they? Anyway, I’ll leave you to enjoy these beautiful images! I hope you enjoy this (likely) last bout of beautiful summer weather we’re having, the cool, crisp mornings are right around the corner!

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