The Velthove Family

This beautiful family chose me to capture this special time in their lives; when their little ones are still so little, and they change so much from year to year, and I’m proud to say that they’re related to me! Steve is a brother to my dear hubby; he owns several local health food stores, where you can get the best natural meds, healthy foods, and amazing customer service! His store has been instrumental in helping my family and I go mostly organic and non-GMO, feel free to check out his website, and I’d really recommend visiting one of his stores! I again used the trail near my house, I cannot get enough of it, and am loving the golden hours lately! These kids were so well behaved, even the little lady smiled on demand! I love the close feel of this family, and that big and little got along so well. I’m sure they have their moments, but to see these moments makes my day! Especially the love that they all had for their youngest sibling. I had a blast, I think it was one of my favourite sessions so far! I’m really looking forward to more of these colourful fall photo shoots, and trying to enjoy this weather as much as I can.

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