The Overeem Family

So here is my first blog post about my trip to Europe last year. This session was the reason I went to the Netherlands, I am so excited that I finally had the chance to finish it. It’s been bugging me as I am usually on the ball with image delivery. But enough about me, allow me to introduce you to my sister and her husband and almost-brand-new baby Daniël! He is seriously so adorable, I can’t help but gush even though I have my own little ones! The weather was foggy, which is very usual for the Netherlands, and it was quite chilly. 

If there is one person who can make Jacolien laugh, it is her husband; Arno. He is the perfect combination of gentleman and comedian. And don’t get me started on how much he cares for his little man!

That orange hair just perfectly complemented their wardrobe choices! I loved Daniël’s little hat… even though it was quite large on him.

Looking at how the baby reacted to his Papa was absolutely adorable, I can only imagine how he’s going to make his father proud!


That little face though!!! I wish you lots of luck saying no to your little man when the time comes! I’m glad I’m his aunt and can spoil him rotten when I do have the option!!!

Even though the trip had its downs, this part was definitely one of the highs. It was so nice to see them, and I cannot wait to see how much bigger Daniël will be when I see them next time!

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