Delilah & Eddy | Engaged

It was a cold Saturday afternoon; one Delilah and Eddy have been looking forward to for months. The forecast looked well enough to finally capture their romantic tree farm engagement session. We’d originally scheduled this for last December in between Christmas and New Year’s, but we all remember how cold it was then! Delilah is lucky enough to live right next to some wonderful people with a small tree farm in their back yard, and I am even more lucky that I was able to capture these two beautiful people at that stunning location! This is a Canadian winter at it’s finest. Yes, it was still cold, and we got snow in our boots (mine were almost knee-high, so you can only imagine!).  Eddy was researching before the shoot as to how he should wear his cardigan, and I think he pulled that off absolutely amazing! These two people are some of the most fun-loving, daring, and kind people one will ever meet, and I cannot wait to see what their wedding day is going to bring.

I just love how these two people fit together, and look at the way he looks at her!

And that ring, GUYS! What a stunner! Eddy has good choice in women and in jewelry, she is one lucky lady.

These two were so comfortable with each other, I think they may have forgotten I was there a time or two! But then a quick, “hey, let’s exercise those laughing muscles” would get their attention and I’d capture moments like these:


After about 30 minutes, we decided it was time for an outfit change (but even more to get warm!!!). A quick drive back to Delilah’s house proved very useful, and I promised them I’d only make them stay out in the cold for 20 minutes!

Look at these two lovebugs trying to stay warm!! You two are adorable.

Can’t y’all agree that this is just the epitomy of a winter engagement session?

Let’s just go for a quick stroll back to the van (that I kept running to get us warm as soon as we were done)… btw, these two were so cooperative and up for anything, the second part of this session only took 18 minutes (I kept my promise)!

Eddy and Delilah, thank you for being such great sports through your session, I know it wasn’t easy (but you sure made it look like it was!); I cannot wait to see you both on your big day in May.

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