So... how does it all get done?

The highlights of your journey:

At the consultation we'll lead you through a questionnaire that allows us to confirm the important facets of your personalized shoot plan

You will be sent a complete overview of what we are offering and as soon as that is confirmed...

Your shoot day is booked on our calendar! YAY!

We'll start reaching out to venues and any other necessary vendors to book the necessary spaces and services

You'll have our personal numbers and we'll be there for you every step of the way, including a final video confirmation conversation the week before the shoot

Shoot day with all the necessary arrangements made to execute the pre-planned vignettes

At this time, the ball is in our court and we do all the necessary edits to ensure that your gallery is a cohesive representation of your brand

As soon as you email us, the official process starts. We will reach out to set up your initial consultation and start drafting your customized quote

booking process

preshoot planning

day-of photography

post-processing schedule

You will received your gallery within 3-5 weeks, depending on the scope of your product

We send you a sneak peek with some of our favourite captures within 72 hours which you can start using immediately

contact us

We believe the majority of our work for you is done before the big day of our shoot. Let us explain: