Fun and Games with Nana and Grandpa at the Orchard | Burgessville Grandparents Session

When grandparents decide to invest in their children’s future memories by capturing them the way they are today, everyone can do a little happy dance! Because, let’s face it, these memories only become more valuable over time!

I was talking to my own dear mom last week about just that! Saying how wonderful it would be for every child to have an image with their grandparents. Something that becomes so special as time goes on! Something you can use to gift them when years have passed. And something that becomes absolutely priceless as generations go on.

These grandparents were so willing to spend time with their grandkids. Playing tug-of-war, throwing apples, and being tied up (because one silly little boy didn’t want to let go of his rope) were all part of the fun!

It is definitely important to get things done as quickly as possible with this many kids, but, if necessary, there are always opportunities for headswaps! One image required six of them all together!!! So worth it, though.

I’m going to leave it at that. Dick and Lisa, thank you for allowing me this privilege, and I hope you are as excited about these as I am!

These girls are so pleased that they kissed Nana!!!

The size fish that boys can catch vs. the size fish that girls can catch. Too funny!

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