Westminster Ponds Maternity Session | Ricky & Monica

I’d have to say this is one of my favourite sessions thus far, and shooting at Westminster Ponds in London did not disappoint! Such a sweet young couple, excitedly expecting their first little one. And they’re both so amazing! These two are just made for each other, with their great sense of humour to the way they just adore each other. It didn’t take much coaxing to get these two to hold their kisses a second or two longer, and there was absolutely no need to tell them to smile right afterwards!

Monica is having her baby shower tonight, and I’m sure her friends are going to shower her and her unborn little one with all the love and care in world. Monica, you are such a beautiful mama, and I’m so thankful that I bumped into you at Pt. Burwell. (BTW, I watched this mama catch her first fish ever… LOL. I don’t think I ever caught one!) Just a little while longer and these two are going to start their parenting journey in this crazy place we call Earth. And I’m sure that baby is going to be loved!

Ricky, you are a lucky man! Such a gorgeous wife, and God blessed you with this amazing gift as well. I wish you both nothing but happiness and strength. There will be tough times, but there will be amazing times. Focus on those great times when things get difficult. Because with each other by your side, you’ll get through anything!


BTW, isn’t this location just amazing? I’ve shot a maternity session here before (see HERE), but I sure was excited to go back!!

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