Woodstock Tree Farm Engagement Session | Ashley & Brady

When Ashley messaged me if her and Brady could take their puppy, Swish, to their Woodstock tree farm engagement session, I said, “Absolutely!” I love sessions with dogs, and Ashley and Brady were smart to bring a babysitter for him, so that most of their session could be focused on just them. Just look at these two! I knew they were expecting a lot of me when Ashley told me that they’d gotten engaged only a week prior. I had to ask about their proposal, and I just love it! (To be honest, who doesn’t love any proposal story?)

Brady, lucky man that he is with such a gorgeous girlfriend (I mean, look at her!), had made reservations to go out, planning to do so after their proposal. He texted Ashley during the day that she better be on time; he had already picked out her outfit for that evening. That might have sent alarm bells ringing in Ashley’s mind if she was expecting a proposal, but she was not!

When she came home, and saw that Swish’s bib was on backwards, she crouched down to fix it. When she turned it right side out, she noticed the marriage proposal spelled out! I’m sure she shrieked; I would have (and did back in the day). Ashley and Brady, congratulations on your engagement and I wish you happy planning! Your day in 2020 is going to be amazing, no matter what dress you wear, or what cake is served. Because the smiles on your faces say it all; you are both head over heels. And I couldn’t be happier for you.

This session was captured during my mini sessions at VanderKlooster Christmas Tree Farm this past Saturday. On this cold day, but the friendliness of the owners and employees was so heart-warming, that our memories of the cold waned quickly! I would definitely recommend this location to any couple, even during the leaf-less months of the year it’s still very beautiful. And the warm apple cider that they had waiting for us was very welcome!

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Meet Swish, one of the most adorable puppies EVER!!!

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