Tillsonburg Newborn Lifestyle Session | Baby Marshall

My little nephew Marshall is the newest addition to my husband’s side of the family, and he is so loved! This Tillsonburg newborn lifestyle session was the first newborn session for me in a while. I was so honoured when Jessica asked me to capture these moments. Marshall’s story begins more than a year ago already…

Brian and Jessica were hoping to have an easy time getting pregnant. But like so many other couples, they had a struggle with infertility. Many doctors appointments, tests, and checkups later they finally had some hope… only to have that dashed with a negative pregnancy test. Deciding to take it easy for a while, they were going to focus on their work and making their house a home (they had just moved). But something was off. Jessica decided to take one more try. She took another test, which to her greatest surprise came back POSITIVE! I cannot even imagine the relief she must have felt.

Brian came home from work and while helping her make dinner, started preparing some Ceasars to enjoy with their meal. Jessica pipes up and says, “Uhm… I can’t have that.” It took Brian a few seconds to understand why she couldn’t have it (the alcohol in it, of course). I believe the story ends up with Brian over the moon to finally be a Daddy. Brian is my husband’s youngest brother and the last of the family to get married and start a family; it’s so amazing to see “little Brian” (or “Norbitt”, as his friends call him) love his little man so much!

Now that they were finally expecting, they were not free of their struggles. Around seven months into her pregnancy, the doctor diagnosed Jessica with acute toxoplasmosis. She kept this mostly quiet to save her friends and family from worrying too much. At the next appointment, the doctor had to admit that there was a mistake; somehow the chart was read wrong, and her condition was not acute. It still warranted a little extra observation, however. At the same time, for no apparent reason, little Marshall’s weight gain started to slow down. And that started to become a problem at every appointment after that. Until just before 36 weeks the doctors decided that the little man was safer out than in.

Just shy of 37 weeks pregnant, Jessica gave birth in London to Marshall William Velthove. He weighed more than they’d hoped at 4lbs 11oz.! He spent eight days in the NICU’s of London and St. Thomas (see him at one day old HERE). When he came home he was only a little below his birth weight. He is now getting close to 6lbs already! According to his Mama, he’s eating like a Velthove and is a very easy baby.

Jessica owns a business making the most gorgeous signs and frames. So it was no surprise that she would enjoy decorating Marshall’s nursery. And she did such a fantastic job!!! It’s so timeless, classic, and it sure made for some adorable images. You need to scroll down to see them!

Jessica and Brian, thank you for allowing me to capture these memories for you; it was an amazing experience and a real honour. Wishing you God’s blessing as you raise this little man, may he continue to be a testament to God’s power and love. It’s such a blessing and yet such a responsibility to have a child of your own, but thankfully we can call on Him for help. We will also continue to keep you and all of our family members in our thoughts and prayers (let’s face it; you can’t ever have too many people praying for you).

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