Scarborough Bluffs Engagement Session | Julia & Andrew

As he spun her around and around, her white and blue dress flowing out behind her, he looked at her. Like, really looked at her. As if he was seeing her again for the first time. And she was just as goofy, happy, and crazy as she was back then. In this place that made us think we were somewhere in the Mediterranean, these two kissed more times than I asked them to. They laughed harder, smiled bigger, and made me the happiest photographer on the planet!


Julia and Andrew remind me so much of my husband and me! Julia and I are both goofballs and super easy-going! Andrew and Bert are both calmer, more grounded, and would much prefer to spend their evenings at home spending quality time with their girl. This Scarborough Bluffs engagement session was everything that we all dreamed of, I’m sure. I know it was for me!

At their consultation, Julia admitted that she’d found me on INSTAGRAM, and had scrolled all the way down to the bottom to one of last year’s wedding detail shots and fell in love. If I remember correctly, her words were, “If I had a photo like that of my wedding, I’d hang it on the wall!” That would make any photographer squeal inside, of course, but I literally squealed (although I waited till I was on the way home).

Julia admitted that they had a hard time choosing their outfits, but thanks to some super inspiring Pinterest boards, they absolutely nailed it! I am so totally going to use both of these outfits for the engagement session style guide that’s in the works for later this year! It’s always so amazing to make these decisions a little bit easier (and more fun) for couples. Engagement sessions should be all about laughter and relaxation! I always say that it’s just practice for the big day!


These two are having the most amazing wedding at LaSalle Banquet Centre in Burlington, and I heard something about a poutine bar! I mean, anyone who knows what a cheese-and-gravy lover I am, knows that’s the only reason why I’m really going, right? Just kidding!!! I literally am counting down the weeks till their July wedding. Julia is going to make the most beautiful bride and Andrew such a handsome groom.

Julia and Andrew, you two are some of the most beautiful (inside and out) people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. It was so amazing to make these memories with you. I’m excited that you are so confident in your choice to have me as your wedding photographer, it really is an honour. I cannot wait to see you again soon!

The lighting was just as amazing as THIS WEDDING the week before.

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