Norwich Apple Orchard Engagement Session | Hannah & Craig

This Norwich apple orchard engagement session might not have happened if not for these two (and myself) getting some wet feet. Thanks to the VanYmeren family for letting us use their stunning orchard. The evening was balmy and just the perfect time to have an apple session engagement session for these two amazing human beings.


Craig and Hannah met in Ottawa at a human rights rally, and their first words to each other will be something they never forget. Craig stayed super-focused on his work, but Hannah soon started noticing that she was getting all flustered around this handsome young man; completely unlike her usual calm demeanour. It took Craig quite a while to realize what was afoot. When he did, it wasn’t long until he couldn’t imagine his life without her in it.


When it was time for Hannah to leave Ottawa for her new job in Toronto, she, being her common-sense-self, thought she would just pack up her stuff and drive down by herself. Surprise! Craig surprised Hannah by driving all the way to Ottawa to pack her up and get her to her new home. Or so she thought. When he asked her to go for a quick drive around Ottawa to visit all the places that have meant something to the two of them on their journey, she thought, “Oh, typical romantic Craig”. And she humoured him. He took her on a drive she didn’t expect, and along it were clues to get to the next location. At the very end, a ring!


At their consultation, I could definitely sense how much these two love each other. They pretty much could finish each other’s sentences but respected the other too much to do so. It was a fun hour of catching up (because we know each other outside of this business as well; they’ve seen me work with other amazing pro-life couples) and planning their big day. When I asked them how much further they got on wedding planning since a few weeks ago, Craig said, “I feel like we’ve been spending more time planning our marriage than planning our wedding.” Isn’t that sweet? And that’s how it should be!


At their session, these two laughed and snuggled, and Craig even read something to Hannah sitting on an old flatbed trailer. They really are perfect for each other, and I hope and pray that God will continue to bless their relationship and the important work that they do. It’s only a few months until their fall wedding day, and I couldn’t be more excited! These two are truly an inspiration, and it’s been an honour getting to know them and capturing this amazing period of their lives for them.

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Even this ring had a special meaning, and I love that Craig put so much thought into it! He wanted her (the Ruby, Hannah’s birthstone) to be forever protected and surrounded by his love (the diamonds, Craig’s birthstone).

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