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Nith River Engagement Session | Natasha & Jordan

Natasha and Jordon didn’t just show up dressed for the part to their Nith River engagement session, they showed up ready to have some fun! This amazing couple found out about me through their grandmother, whom I had the pleasure of meeting at a local lady bosses lunch. And I’m so thankful for her kind words to this couple. After our consultation (which went way longer than normal), they emailed me and mentioned how they felt like they could have sat there and chatted all day! I left that consultation praying that they would choose me, and it didn’t take very long for that “yes” email to arrive!!!


When we started discussing where to have their engagement session, Jordan and Natasha both right away mentioned Silver Bridge. When I was imagining this bridge in my head, it was nothing special, I have to admit. However, when we arrived, Jordan said to Natasha in their truck in front of me, “Right now she’s saying, “WOOOOOW, this is gorgeous!” And he was completely right! The lighting here was perfect, and the fact that this bridge means so much to them just made it the perfect location for them, and that’s what makes this Nith River engagement session so special!


These two have known each other since Kindergarten, but only started dating a few years after high school. They’ve spent many nights here at Silver Bridge, jumping off the top into the 15-foot deep Nith River! I cannot even imagine the rush that must bring, and I’d rather not find out!


They are so amazing together, and during one of our little conversations, which often tend to go towards wedding day planning and/or marriage, we started chatting about what it means to be married. You know that a couple is your ideal couple when they literally voice the thoughts in your head, and that happened here as well. “Marriage is not just a game”, Jordan said, “It’s serious business!” And he’s totally right. Marriage is work; hard work at times! But when done right, it’s so totally worth it!


And then there was Jordan’s other baby, who had to be part of this session as well; his pick-up truck! Scroll down to see the fun that was had, and you don’t even want to know what we needed to do to get these pictures! Luckily, no one came by during this part, and we could get some amazing images, one of which Natasha put as her background as soon as she saw it!


Finally it was time for those epic shots, right by the riverside. The sun was setting and that golden glow was the perfect background! I asked Jordan if he’d ever picked up Natasha and carried her on his back (it just seems like a country thing to do). He replied, “Only when there’s a puddle and she’s too scared to get her feet wet!” Oh, the laughter during this session was non-stop!

Natasha and Jordan, this session was such a blast, and you’re not the only one who was amazed by how great the time we spent together was. I mean, I knew you two were fun, but I love that it went much deeper than that. I wish you two all the best in the coming year; your wedding is just over a year away! Enjoy wedding planning; it may not always be void of stress, but you’ll only do it once! I can’t wait to see you again next year!

This is not the only cute couple I’ve had the privilege of photographing recently, click HERE to see more!

And now for the most epic shot (and probably my favourite image of all time)…

I mean, aren’t these two just absolutely adorbs? I sure think so!!!

  1. Patty Speers says:

    Really great pics. You to ate so much in love and that is what make being happy. Congrats

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