Colourful Long Point Maternity Session | Baby Oosterveld

This was a very last-minute session, but we were determined to make it work! All the effort that Lydia and I put into organizing the outfits, location, etc. made this Long Point maternity session a dream come true! When Lydia showed up in this dress (that she found at Winners), I knew we were golden! (See what I did there?) Lydia is in her 33rd week of pregnancy, and she looks absolutely amazing. Her husband Josh thinks so too. I didn’t need to wait long for his answer when I asked him if he was excited to be a daddy; a firm “yes” left no doubt in my mind! It was so amazing to hear how these two are getting ready for baby; a completely holistic approach that I envy (I was never able to have a home delivery).


When asked if they were hoping for a boy or a girl, most people answer, “As long as it’s healthy, we’re happy.” Not these two! Of course, they are hoping for a healthy baby and a safe delivery. But Lydia and Josh are both hoping for a boy to start some really great Oosterveld traditions with! Knowing the story behind it all made me fall in love with them even more. To say that these two are planning to put one-hundred-and-ten percent into raising this baby according to God’s will is probably an understatement. It was obvious how much this baby is loved and prayed for. And that made this Long Point maternity session a dream come true not only for them; also for me!


It was not the most beautiful day to have this session.  However, Lydia’s pregnancy glow cancelled out any of the little raindrops that threatened to end our session before we were ready to call it quits. We worked quickly but laughed a lot. Getting to put our feet in the water at the end of the session was my highlight of this session. I’m hoping that the memories these two made together was their favourite. Either way, the smiles are genuine, and the pictures are epic (you need to scroll down to see the ones in the lake!)

Josh & Lydia, getting to spend a little time with you was such a gift! Please know that we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers, especially on your travels. And whenever baby Oosterveld arrives, I’d love to pop in to get a little baby fix! I hope you enjoy the rest of this pregnancy, long hair and all (inside joke), and that these images will make you as happy as I’m imagining.

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