La Salle Park Wedding | Julia & Andrew

As he watched her walk down the aisle, seeing her for the second time that day, he was as excited as when he saw her the first time. Their first look had been magical, the look on his face was priceless as he turned around and saw her in her stunning dress. They had already signed the paperwork to keep the ceremony flowing smoothly. The officiant asked their loved ones whether they would support Andrew and Julia through their journey as husband and wife, and I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a more resounding “Yes!” This La Salle Park wedding was every bit as magical and incredible as Julia and Andrew first described it to me at their consultation, and it was an honour capturing all of their important moments!


Their day started off getting ready at their apartment and a hotel suite at the Burlington Waterfront Hotel. The atmosphere at both locations was super fun and easy-going, which was no surprise to us. Spending time with the girls and Natalie from Brush Beauty Bar was relaxed and allowed me to capture all the gorgeous details (I mean, just look at that ring!) and I was cheered on more than once. Julia first found me on Instagram and when she saw this detail shot, she knew she wanted to hire me. She actually told me at their consultation that if she had a shot like that on their wedding, she’d likely frame it! So the pressure was on when it came to details, but it just wasn’t hard with THAT RING!!!


Andrew smiled as he heard her walk up to him. He waited for that tap. The thing he’d been thinking about all day. He turned around… and saw the woman he’s so excited to spend the rest of his life with. His mouth dropped. Could not believe his eyes. The woman who he always thought was beautiful, had transformed into a princess. And she felt like that all day! They were so excited to get the day going; within a minute Julia piped up and said, “Okay, we’re done! What’s next?” I mean, I don’t think we could love these two even more, but they prove us wrong every time!!


As they signed the forms in front of just their two witnesses, I’m not sure anyone could have been more excited than Laura, Julia’s sister! Every signature was met with another cheer, and hugs all around. We just stood back and basked in all that love. The ceremony was short but full of meaning and laughter! Joy, the officiant, did an incredible job mentioning everything that meant so much to Julia and Andrew. Then came the moment that these two could have their official first kiss as husband and wife (there had been a few unofficial ones) and walk (okay, run) back up the aisle towards their future.


The rest of their big day was a blur for them, I’m sure. From all the congratulations to the quick in-between pictures, some more family pictures (we managed to get most of them done before the ceremony); and from hugs and kisses straight through to their first dance… The evening was everything they imagined and more. It was really hard to say goodbye, knowing that it’ll definitely be a while before we see them again. But we know that they’re starting their lives off the right way, with the support of all their loved ones! Their La Salle Park wedding was definitely perfect, and even though marriage may not always be easy… I can attest to the fact that these two are perfect for each other. With the love and encouragement from their parents, siblings, and friends… well, we just cannot wait to see what the future holds for them.

Julia and Andrew, we hope you enjoy your honeymoon, it sure looks like Indy (their dog) has been enjoying it! We wish you God’s blessing on your marriage, and we want you to know that we really view you as friends. So if there is ever an opportunity for you to travel out our way, please let us know and we’ll have the drinks ready for you!!!

Notice those plants behind Julia? Apparently, she is a magician at bringing ailing plants back to life and making them thrive! I wish I could even make mine last one year, so kudos to Julia!!!

Look at the look on Andrew’s face as he sees his bride for the first time of the day! This is why first looks are soooo amazing…

I always promise my clients that I want to be their eyes for them during the ceremony. This next picture is why!!! When the mom of the groom is so overcome with emotion that she has to wipe those tears away and I just happen to have my camera pointed at my way (okay, I was paying attention), you know I’m going to capture that!!! Knowing that her son is making that commitment just had Andrew’s mom tearing up, and if it were my son I know I’d be doing the same thing!

And they’re married!!!!!!!

By special request, we had to capture some crazy portraits (these are the type that usually ends up on Julia’s Instagram feed), and we just couldn’t resist putting a couple of them on their blog!!!

After those funny shots, we had to get a triple kiss with bride & groom and their parents each kissing each other. Seriously, such a fun couple!!!

Julia felt like a princess all day and we are of the opinion that she looked like it too!

And then after their first dance, we took this couple down to the marina to capture some stunning sunset portraits! It was worth the trek down (and back up) the stairs, let me tell you!!!

Even at the end of a hot day, everyone was getting their groove on!

Just one quick capture of Julia’s school squad; I’m not sure how much teaching gets done with all of these teachers having this much fun together! 😉

And last, but not least, my favourite DVI Couple “Selfie” ever… We’re really going to miss you, and we look forward to hearing from you (and Indy) about all your big plans and all the amazing happenings in your lives!!!

The Vendor Team

Photography | Dianne Velthove Imagery

Hair & Makeup |

Shoes | Keds

Engagement Ring | James Porter

Her Wedding Bands | Pandora

Florals | Costco

Venue | La Salle Park Conference Center

Officiant | Joy Johnson

DJ | DJ Emporium

Bridesmaid Dresses | Best For Brides

Men Formalwear | Tip Top Tailors

Invitations | Vistaprint

Favours | Lindt Chocolates


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