Mill Race Park Styled Couple Shoot | Ally & Jack

Styled sessions are gaining momentum. More and more engaged couples are wanting to go all out and I’m loving it! It’s a lot of work planning a styled engagement session, and while I love doing it, I wanted to put together something that could really educate my clients in a way that was easier to understand. Then came the idea of a travelling dress as some of my amazing photographer friends were having the same thoughts that I did. This gorgeous Renz Bridal dress was chosen and I was the lucky girl who was allowed to photograph it first at this stunning Mill Race Park styled “engagement” shoot in Cambridge, Ontario.


No, Jack and Ally are not engaged, but they might as well be! These two are so adorable together, and when I was with them it felt like new love! Even though they’d already been together for several years. Jack and Ally met at their former place of employment, and now Jack is an accountant and Ally a wedding planner. Her business, Perfectly Designed Events, is one that I’m hoping to work together with soon! Ally is gorgeous (that’s pretty obvious), but what you don’t know about her is that she’s very detail-oriented! She loves working with brides who are planning their big day, just to make their dreams come true. Which is something we really could relate on! Ally and Jack are huge wine lovers (yay!!!); Ally especially loves a very sweet white wine (especially when her mom is there to share it with her).


I was so excited to hear that Ally was hoping to work with me on this Mill Race Park styled shoot. Seriously, just look at these two! I could keep on gushing about these two, but you don’t want me to! Ally wore this blue Renz Bridal dress so well, and don’t even get me started on the floral crown from Blossom by CBL Floral Design! Charmaine from Blossom created this piece at my request, and I cannot wait to work with her again. She managed to create a romantic piece that pulls the images together in a way I never imagined. I never knew that faux florals could look this good!


It was the morning of this gorgeous styled Mill Race Park “engagement” session. I received a heartbreaking message from the amazing hair and makeup artist; she couldn’t make it due to an emergency. I reached out to Sarah from Teased Bridal, whom I’ve worked with before, and she happened to be available and super excited to help us out! And she outdid herself. I truly believe that in the case of styled session collaborations it’s the best to give vendors as much freedom as possible. I gave that to Sarah with a vague outline of the vision I was hoping for. She made sure to create something that she was super proud of and looked amazing on Ally! Oh, and it made my heart sing!


I cannot even begin to convey how my heart feels when I get to share this styled Mill Race Park “engagement” session. From the amazing photographers who have been encouraging me along the way to Charmaine and Sarah. From Ally and Jack to all the people who have responded so positively after seeing some of these images on social media. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I’ve learned and how happy that makes me. How excited I am to use what I’ve learned for future DVI couples and make their dreams come true.

I won’t keep you any longer; please, go on! Scroll down, you know you want to!




This venue!!! All the heart eyes for Ally and Jack, who just popped off of this gorgeous background! Anyone else just want to hug these two?

Styled sessions are quickly become my favourite thing to shoot! See a styled wedding HERE.

Vendor Team

Planner & Photographer | Dianne Velthove Imagery

Dress | Renz Bridal

Floral Crown | Blossom by CBL Floral Design

Hair & Makeup | Teased Bridal

Models | Ally & Jack

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