Norwich Lifestyle Newborn Session | Baby Brendan

It was a cold snowy day, and I was thankful to be inside with this stunning family of three. Photographed inside a newly renovated bungalow, this Norwich lifestyle newborn session just captured everything that there is to love about a brand new baby. It is hard to imagine that there are any parents out there more in love with their little one then Jolene and Peter. Especially daddy was excited to hold his little man.


Arriving a few days before his due date, but weighing in at around nine-and-a-half pounds, he’s quite the solid little guy. And alert! His eyes were so big and it was amazing to see him take in the world around him. It’s quite something, getting to know this whole new life outside of mama’s tummy, if you think about it!
Jolene and Peter, I’m going to keep this short. You are so blessed to be parents of Brendan and I couldn’t be more honoured to have gotten to capture this new chapter of your life as parents. Wishing you God’s blessing as you learn all the ins and outs of parenting together.

The following part is always my favourite of a newborn session; getting to see how the new parents interact with their baby. There was a South African theme that was prevalent through the whole home. It was a perfect background for this Norwich lifestyle newborn session. Another lifestyle newborn session that I captured a few months ago can be seen HERE

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