Five Random Tips for Your Wedding Day

Wedding days come with a load of emotions and facets that you won’t really stop to think about until the day arrives. You’re incredibly lucky if you’ve been a maid of honour or bridesmaid before, you’ve seen the inside of the most important part of a wedding day. But now it’s time for your own wedding day, and those things are all of a sudden much more important. I’ve put together five random tips that have been my saving grace for my own wedding day, but I’ve also seen the impact that they’ve had in the weddings of my clients.

Tip 1 | Eat something high in protein and complex carbs

You’re standing in front of a long day where loads of emotions will be flooding your system and that takes a lot of energy! Drinking mimosas and having muffins may seem like the perfect wedding morning breakfast, but they contribute to a fast sugar high, and the last thing you want is to be “crashing” right when you’re ready to walk down the aisle. The best thing you can do is start your day with the perfect breakfast! Our favourite options include smoothies or a good breakfast wrap/burrito.  The smoothie pictured below is the one we drink every day, and it would be my first recommendation. I’ll list the ingredients that we use below so that you can try it out.

Wedding Breakfast Smoothie

Delicious Wedding Morning Smoothie

1/2-3/4 cup kefir
1/4 cup coconut water
1/4 cup oats
1 banana (1/2 of the peel included)
1 scoop vegetable/vitamin supplement (Vegegreens is our favourite)
1 tbsp collagen
1 tbsp chia seeds
1/2 tbsp maca powder
1/4-1/2 cup frozen blueberries

Throw all ingredients into a blender and blend on high for 30 seconds. Pour into your favourite glass, and enjoy!

Tip 2 | Give your phone to your Maid of Honour or Best Man

You’ll want to soak in everything about your big day. The drive to the church. That tear glistening in your almost-husband’s eye as you walk up the aisle. All the hugs from your family members. The speeches during dinner, especially. And the best way to do that is to be fully focused. Allow yourself to let someone else handle your phone and your life for that day, and you just focus on enjoying all the special moments. And as a side note, everyone important in your life knows you’re getting married, and won’t expect you to answer your phone.

Tip 3 | Give yourself grace if things don’t go exactly as planned

The best way to prevent things from being missed or going wrong is by giving yourself loads of time. However, we know that’s not always possible, even with the best of planning. (Check out YOUR IDEAL TIMELINE GUIDE & WORKBOOK to give yourself the perfect start to your wedding day timeline.) On our own wedding day, we missed out on one photo that we’d really wanted. Our nieces and nephews needed a nap, and their parents left before a photo of Bert and all of his siblings was taken. My heart sank as I watched them drive off. I saw at that moment that I could get upset about it, or I could let it go. I decided to do the latter. We’re so thankful that it never put a damper on our day!

Tip 4 | Put together a wedding survival kit

I’ve thankfully never met a wedding where someone wasn’t prepared with something on the list below! Yes, this kit may take a little bit of time to put together. But knowing that you are prepared for anything that happens is definitely worth it! From headaches to that annoying feeling of your dress being stuck to your legs; it’s all here!


Tip 5 | Have a moment with each of your parents

And last, but not least, make sure that your parents feel cherished on this big day. They’ve raised you, and they did a great job, seeing the way you turned out. They’ve held your hands through your boo-boos, and they want to hold your hand today. Whether you’re a single child or one of seven like I was, that does not take away from the importance of this day for them. The best time to spend a little one on one time is during the getting ready part. If that doesn’t work out, dinner is another great time to steal a few minutes with your mom or dad. They will never forget how they felt during those moments.


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