How to Write a Good Review of your Brand or Portrait Shoot with Velthove & Co.

We know that writing a review can be a daunting task, and we want to prepare you with some great tips and tricks before you put pen to paper!

These tips are taken from several websites, including TrustPilot and

1. Provide Useful, Constructive Feedback

A good review includes enough information to give others a feel for what happened. Explain which factors contributed to your experience with us for your brand or portrait session. You might also offer your view on what Velthove & Co. is doing well, and how we can improve. Whatever your experience, we encourage you to keep things friendly and courteous!

To get a good feel for how we work with either brands or portrait session clients, a GREAT place to start is OUR BLOG!

2. Talk about a Range of Factors

Increase the relevance of your Velthove & Co. review by addressing your overall experience, including the level of customer service you received from Dianne and/or Bert. Tell people how helpful we were in preparing you for and guiding you during your shoot! Focusing on only one element, such as gallery quality or our 48-page Portrait Session Style Guide, provides limited insight to readers.

3. Be Detailed, Specific, and Honest

There’s no rule against only writing a handful of words in a review, but the more specific you can be, the more likely the review is to be useful. We suggest writing from your own individual perspective, keeping your Velthove & Co. review honest and sticking to the facts. Help readers stand in your shoes. We recommend aiming for at least 3-4 full sentences.

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4. Keep it Relevant

Just as important as including relevant details is making sure you don’t step over the mark. You should attempt to avoid sharing non-relevant information, even if it contributed to a positive experience. It can water down the believability of your review if your main focus is your wonderful time at a specific location, or the driving conditions to and from your shoot, for example.

5. Keep it Civil and Friendly

We can’t moderate or censor reviews before they’re posted but we trust that you have good intentions. Publishing a review online means it’s public. Therefore, the same kinds of rules apply to customer reviews as to any kind of published opinion.

Freedom of speech gives you the right to express yourself, but there’s a line between appropriate and inappropriate. At the extreme end, the law prohibits defamatory statements. This includes accusatory statements that are untrue or not yet proven to be true.

If you’ve had a negative experience, instead of pointing an angry finger, a more credible approach is to adopt a calm, sober tone. Simply explain what took place and leave it to readers of your review to draw their own conclusions. This also means that we here at Velthove & Co. will be willing to engage with you to address the problem.

6. You can Update your Review

An important feature on Google My Business and Facebook is that you can edit your review to reflect a changed opinion or a resolved problem, or write a new review, if necessary.

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7. Ensure that you’re Using the Right Domain/Platform

Check that you’re posting your review in the right place. If you’re not sure, you can use THIS LINK to share your Velthove & Co. review on Google or THIS LINK for Facebook.

8. Share your Timescale

One of the most important things in a review is that others are able to see when your experience with Velthove & Co. was. If it was a few years ago, and you’ve only just got round to giving us some feedback, it’s a good idea to make this known.

Who knows – we may have made considerable changes to our business since then. Your review can have a real impact on the actions of our future clients, so to make it as useful and accurate as possible, put a date on it.

9. Proofread your review – Grammar and Spelling are important!

Good reviews should be well-written. It’s a good idea to check that your Velthove & Co. review is readable, makes sense and has no typos before posting, but a surprising number of reviews contain errors. So remember to quickly run your eye over your text before hitting “submit”!

10. Do not Mention a Discount

If your session happened to have been a portfolio builder, please refrain from mentioning that in your review. It will, once again, nullify a lot of what you had to say. It’s best to approach your review as if you’d paid the full price for your shoot.

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