A Summer Wedding in Hamilton, Ontario | Robyn & Ryan

A beautiful sunny summer wedding day in and around Hamilton, from city to country. This gorgeous wedding day was WELL worth the wait!

Hamilton Ontario Wedding Shoot

Robyn first reached out on Instagram back in the summer of 2020, and as fellow photographers we immediately hit it off! Because of reasons well known, their big day had to be postponed from 2021 to 2022. As you can see in this beautiful gallery, it was worth the wait. Seeing that our family had already made the move out East, we booked a family trip for around the same time as this Hamilton Ontario Wedding. We are so thankful to have been able to make it work!

Life is full of surprises! Even before we captured Robyn and Ryan’s gorgeous Toronto Island Engagement Session, they received a wonderful surprise! They would be bringing a beautiful baby into the world together not too long before their initially scheduled wedding date. So it wasn’t just a union of two, but THREE! Sweet Emerson was able to share this special day with his mom and dad. He looked very handsome in his little suit!

This wedding was stunning; the light delicate colors complimented Robyn perfectly. Light floral accents were included throughout the wedding day, creating a timeless elegant wedding.

Robyn & Ryan A Love To Last A Lifetime

Robyn and Ryan got ready for their big day in beautiful St. Catharines. We’re pretty sure that it was the hottest day of the summer. However, it was also one of the calmest and most relaxed wedding mornings we have ever experienced. Thanks to Robyn’s incredible organizational skills, things flowed smoothly from the beginning to the end.

The hair and makeup team that prepared Robyn for her big day did an incredible job. Even with the scorching heat, her makeup held up beautifully all day. The bridal party looked beautiful in their floral robes while getting ready. The champagne pop with the girls in robes was absolutely epic. Though champagne is not Robyns favourite way to drink, she sure did enjoy popping that bottle!

Ryan’s getting ready space may have been a little less calm, but no less fun! He looked handsome and so happy in his grey suit; a man truly ready to meet his bride. From details such as the little crown cufflinks, to his boutonniere, it all really brought his look together.

Here She Comes

Robyn and Ryan chose to see each other for the first time in church; this was something that meant a lot to Ryan. Capturing Robyn walking down the aisle to Ryan was an absolute delight. The pews were decorated with dainty flower pots, that accented Robyn’s dress perfectly. Everyone was in awe as Robyn walked down the aisle to her beaming future husband.

After the ceremony and obligatory family photo time, we made our way to a gorgeous countryside location for bridal party portraits and husband and wife portraits. Working with a team of two photographers meant that we could work twice as fast to get everyone out of the scorching heat as soon as possible. We would have done the same for a rainy or windy day, but this day it was the heat! The men were sweating just standing in their suit jackets.

Once the bridal party had disappeared towards the limo bus, we finally got to spend some time with just the bride and the groom. We always look forward to this time of day, not even the scorching heat could take away the magic of this short time frame. Often, this is the only time that the bride and groom have a moment of calm. We work quickly and calmly, allowing them to center themselves and really focus on what today is all about; a big new chapter of their lives.

Love Comes With No Expiry In Hamilton Ontario

Once we had enough of the heat, we escaped to the cool of the gorgeous Carmen’s Banquet Center. From each bridesmaid and groomsman duo featuring their own personalized entry to the hall, all the way to the first dance, we captured every beautiful moment. Unfortunately, the moments were too many to include in this blog post.

The beautiful city of Hamilton in Ontario was the perfect location for this happy couple to unite their futures. We are so thankful we were chosen to be a part of their big day. Capturing the love story between a gorgeous island (PEI) girl and a handsome Ontario city boy was really special. To see the Lord working to bring these two together, through their significant amount of hardships, might we add, is just really encouraging. We’re excited to see where these two Harry Potter-loving, game fanatics are headed next in this journey we call life!

P.S. If you haven’t read their engagement story, make sure to do so HERE!

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