Crafting Elegance: Cinnamon Fern Earring Brand Shoot

This earring brand shoot capture the dedication and skill of Bekah, a sweet young entrepreneur who crochets the most amazing crochet earrings.

Young Entrepreneur at Work

In the heart of New Brunswick, a story of creativity and craftsmanship unfolds—a story told through crochet, gemstones, and the lens of Velthove and Co. Bekah, the mastermind behind this brand, embarked on her academic journey at Kingswood University after graduating last year (check out the photoshoot we did for her graduation party here). Her dedication to the art of crochet has blossomed into a captivating collection of intricate earrings. Yet, Cinnamon Fern’s story doesn’t end with graduation; it’s just beginning. The brand is venturing into the world of bridal fashion, offering a diverse array of 13 stunning colors and 6 unique styles, adorned with exquisite gemstones! These pieces are designed to add that special touch to every bride’s journey down the aisle.

Our love for Teen Business Owners

But our connection with Cinnamon Fern goes beyond the artistic realm. We have a special place in our hearts for students and teenage business owners. We understand the passion and drive they bring to their craft. That’s why we offer incentives and special offers to support their creative endeavors.

Going the Extra Mile

In our initial earring brand shoot, we weren’t entirely satisfied with the individual product photos of the basic items. So, we took it upon ourselves to offer a reshoot, putting in the extra effort. We drove to pick them up and drop them off—literally going the extra mile in pursuit of perfection.

And we’ll have you know that the results speak for themselves! Instead of a simple white background with a basic setup, we transformed the backdrop into something textured and vibrant. We played with the placement of each earring, adding variety and dimension to the photos. It was a small change that made a world of difference—a testament to our commitment to constant learning and giving our absolute best, putting not just 100%, but 110% into everything we do.

Stay tuned to witness the artistry of Cinnamon Fern and our enduring commitment to excellence!

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