Embracing the Freedom: Why we Enjoy Homeschooling in New Brunswick

In a world that often dictates the norms of education, our family has chosen a different path. A path that aligns with our core beliefs and values. Homeschooling has become not just an educational choice for us. It’s also a lifestyle that empowers us to take charge of our children’s learning experiences. Today we’ll share our reasons for homeschooling in New Brunswick and the incredible journey it has been for our family.

To start off, we didn’t start homeschooling in New Brunswick. Our decision to homeschool was made back in February/March of 2020, literally just before the world was shut down. It launched a months-long conversation between Bertus and his employer (he was a teacher). The end result: a mutual (but not very mutual) decision to part ways. It was a difficult time for our family, but one that tied us together tighter as a husband and wife. In the end, we could not compromise on our children’s education.

Educational Responsibility

At the heart of our decision to homeschool lies the belief that we, as parents, are the primary educators of our children. However each family interprets that responsibility is a personal decision. We recognize that for some it may look like entrusting this responsibility to someone else, while ensuring that the school/institution aligns with their values. This isn’t about judgment; it’s about taking an active role in shaping our children’s worldview according to our Biblical morals and values.

Freedom to Explore

Homeschooling in New Brunswick provides us with so much freedom. To start, we are able to structure our week in a way that suits our family dynamics. Whether it’s a mid-week field trip, a visit to the library, or a spontaneous science experiment in the backyard, as long as it’s interesting to our children! The flexibility allows us to embrace learning opportunities beyond the confines of a traditional classroom, the way we believe God intended.

Tailored Learning

Each of our children is unique, and homeschooling in New Brunswick allows us to recognize and cater to their individual learning styles. While Jenelle thrives in the kitchen and other part of the home, Pieter and Easton are science and math nerds, both operating one grade ahead of their expected age level. Our children aren’t pressured to conform to a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, they thrive in a world where they’re encouraged to be exactly who they are.

Abundance of Free Time

Contrary to the misconception that homeschooling is time-consuming, we’ve found that our children can achieve academic success in just a few focused hours each day. This leaves them with ample free timeā€”four days a week, to be exact. This time isn’t wasted; it’s an opportunity for them to explore hobbies, engage in extracurricular activities, and simply be children

Pursuing Passionate Learning

Homeschooling allows our children to delve into subjects that truly captivate their interests. Whether it’s biology, literature, or home economics, their education isn’t confined to a standardized curriculum. Instead, they get to pursue knowledge in areas that fuel their curiosity and passion. Stella has just recently found books, and LOVES to dive into a fictional world all of her own making.

University Advantage

Unbeknownst to many, universities often favor homeschooled students. Our decision to homeschool is not just an unconventional choice; it’s a strategic one. We believe that by nurturing our children’s love for learning and providing them with a well-rounded education, we’re giving them a leg up in the competitive world of higher education. We are personally responsible for ensuring that our children understand the required knowledge as well as grading them. Therefore we are able to help them be most prepared for applying for university when the time comes. In addition to that, many universities will allow homeschooled students to skip their first year as long as they pass a qualification test. That is a HUGE bonus!

Joy of Having Them Around

Perhaps the most unexpected joy of homeschooling is the precious time we get to spend with our children. Dianne was the mom who breathed a sigh of relief when the bus disappeared around the corner, taking our children to school. That has completely changed. Despite the challenges, having six children at home on a daily basis has become a source of immense happiness. The laughter, the shared discoveries, and the growth we witness week in, week out, reaffirm that this unconventional path is the right one for our family. We’re grateful we’re not the only ones in our area and we actively participate in several wonderful faith-based homeschool groups.

In conclusion, our journey into homeschooling is not just about academics. It’s about fostering a love for learning, nurturing individuality, and savoring the joys of family life. Someday, when our finances allow, we may just choose to travel while we’re learning (using curriculums or just practicing unschooling). And, while we’re working hard on achieving our goals, we’ll just use every opportunity that we can to grow our minds. We understand that homeschooling is not for everyone. For us, however, it has become a lifestyle that reflects our commitment to providing our children with a truly enriching educational experience.

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