A Day of Fun and Fashion | Small Town Heritage Brand Shoot

Yesterday was an incredible day for Velthove & Co. as we brought to life a dream brand shoot for Small Town Heritage, a beloved local New Brunswick clothing brand. This Small Town Heritage brand shoot featured ten enthusiastic models without whom we could not have made this a reality.

A Little History

Small Town Heritage, known for its distinctive tree logo, has a mission to connect communities through shared values and a sense of belonging. Emma started this brand with the idea that it will help her pay for college. That initiative has resonated with customers far beyond New Brunswick! They’re receiving orders from across Canada and even the United States. They continue to be on the news, with another radio interview coming soon! THIS TV INTERVIEW just really shows how authentic and warmhearted Emma is. The shoot was not just a chance to have fun, capture great photos, but also celebrate the success that they’ve had so far.

A Busy Warm Shoot Day

Our day began with a visit to Trish and Henk’s produce market, where the vibrant colors and fresh produce provided a perfect backdrop. The models, dressed in Small Town Heritage’s most popular items, looked fantastic which resulted in unique and fun photos!

Next, we moved to the laundromat, a quirky and unexpected location that strangely makes sense, especially if you know the everyday charm of small-town life. Emma, being the fun-loving and eager girl that she is, had no problem hopping into a dryer.

A stop at Bubble Tea Hub added a fun twist to the shoot. The models enjoyed delicious bubble tea while posing for photos, emphasizing the brand’s playful side. The bright colors of the shop complemented the relaxed, friendly vibe that Small Town Heritage is all about!

Planning the Future

We also stopped at the high school, where Emma, a soon-to-be graduate, brought a personal touch to the shoot. We had great fun with her cute little Beetle, and even added some very unique captures featuring one of the model’s different stunts to their gallery. Emma sure is going to miss Sussex, but this little business (that’s growing quite quickly) is sure to bring her back home often.

This Small Town Heritage brand shoot was an opportunity to capture the beauty of small-town life. We are so thrilled with the results and can’t wait to share more photos! For now, scroll down and take in all the colour that Sussex has to offer. Let’s celebrate this brand that dreams big while staying deeply rooted in its community.

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