Katie the Digital Marketer: Major Marketing Brand Shoot

We had the privilege of capturing brand photos for the amazing Katie from Major Marketing. From coaching to content creation and everything in between, Katie is your girl!

Meet Katherine Major! Katie for short. When it comes to all things digital marketing, Katie from Major Marketing is someone you need to know! Based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Katie’s specialties are audits and content creation. Having benefited firsthand from her services, we can personally say vouch for her work. Naturally, when Katie expressed the need for updated imagery for her website, we jumped at the chance to work with her.

Meeting Katie: The Woman Behind Major Marketing

Our journey with Katie began at The Purrfect Cup, a charming little coffee shop owned by her friend Shona. When you first meet Katie, you’ll notice she speaks very properly. It was just so unique, and we loved it! However, as we got to know her better and better, we discovered her fun and quirky side. Her refreshing honesty and infectious enthusiasm make her a joy to work with. Katie’s dedication to helping New Brunswick business owners and digital agencies improve their online presence is truly inspiring. She doesn’t just make the process easy and stress-free; she becomes your biggest cheerleader.

The Major Marketing Brand Shoot

The Major Marketing brand shoot was an exciting project for us. Katie is a huge animal lover, and we can really relate to her on that. She has two sweet cats named Walter and Pepper. Sadly, the day after our shoot, Katie had to say goodbye to her beautiful dog Pogo. Our hearts go out to her, and we’re grateful she has her fiancé, Jon, to support her during this tough time.

Katie’s vision for her website was clear: she wanted images that captured her professional yet approachable personality. From her fun-loving spirit to her love for coffee, we aimed to reflect the many facets of Katie’s character in the photos. The shoot was filled with laughter, creativity, and even a few behind-the-scenes moments that truly captured the essence of Major Marketing. It’s things like these personal touches, including the very unique blue mascara that really made her green eyes pop, that makes the final result stand out.

Beyond the Camera: Katie’s Professional Prowess

Why we love Katie extends far beyond her delightful personality. She specializes in offering one-on-one consultations, workshops, templates, coaching, and website development. Her approach is not just about improving online presence. It’s about making the entire process enjoyable her clients while being super educational. Katie told us about her upcoming wedding, with a picturesque ceremony planned under a willow tree and we might have gotten a little wistful about wedding photography, but just for a minute. We know that God has the perfect weddings planned for us to capture, if that’s what He’s meaning for us to do!

We captured this brand shoot at our own Airbnb! It was so much fun getting to use this space for such a fun occasion.

Why You Should Reach Out to Major Marketing

If you are struggling with enhancing your social media strategy, website development, or overall online presence, we wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to Katie at Major Marketing. We can relate to the way she works very deeply. Like us, she believes in going all-in with any of her packages. If you’re just hiring her to do an audit on your website like we did, or you’re taking her on to capture all of your content; she goes above and beyond.

This Major Marketing brand shoot was more than just a photoshoot; it was an opportunity to work with an incredible individual who is passionate about making a difference. Katie’s blend of professionalism and personal touch is what sets her apart, and we loved capturing who she authentically is.

Whether you’re a business owner in New Brunswick or a digital agency looking for a boost, Katie from Major Marketing is your go-to expert. Trust us, you won’t regret it!

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