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While you may see us as business owners mainly, we are also parents and children of God. Those aspects make us who we are, and we believe they set us apart. We know God expects us to fulfill certain obligations. Here are some of the integral ones that we want you to know and expect when working with us!

Faith in Focus | How our Christian Values Impact our Photography Business

July 26, 2023


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I’m locked in my office. Well, not actually locked in, but enough so that my kids don’t see that I’m in there. The noise can be distracting, but I’m getting better at tuning it out. Then something happens. They all laugh! Not just Jenelle, or one of the boys. No, every single one, including my […]

What It’s Like Being a Mompreneur

February 25, 2019


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Oh my word, guys! My new business cards came in, and I had to be dramatic and create a blog post just to showcase them (look for discount options below)!!! Have you heard of MOO? No? Well, they’re an amazing company based in Rhode Island, and they make the most amazing business cards. I’d heard […]

My New Business Cards | MOO

January 19, 2018