Norfolk County First Year Session | Lauryn

This little girl turned one year old!!! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since I did her newborn session, and a full 6 months since her Sitter Session (SEE HERE, you’ll love it!!!), even though she wasn’t quite sitting. Lauryn is such a little sweet heart, she was actually the best little one I’ve ever had to do an indoor session with! After a little while, she got tired of having the camera in her face. For being tired, however, she did great!

That smile, though, isn’t that just everything? Her mom says she is such an easy baby and her big brother and twin sisters just adore her to pieces. I can’t imagine what trouble they will get into when she gets a little older!

I just adored her smiles, but these more thoughtful looks also melted my heart! Loving the looks they give me when they’re wondering what on earth I am doing…

You can just guess where here Mama was, and you might also guess that she was about to get a little snack… you’re probably right!

This look just says it all… a mischievous grin while she tries to grab the camera. Hey, if I were her, I’d probably do the same thing!

Honestly, those eyelashes…

I cannot believe this concludes my year with Lauryn! I really hope that I have the chance to capture her again in the future. Her family are just an amazing bunch of people, filled with so much love. I just love the fact that I can connect with Lauryn’s mom on so many things, it’s great to have a coffee with clients and feel like we’re friends!

Kelli and Andrew, you’ve been blessed with some beautiful children. I can see how much you love them, and how much they love you! I really hope and pray that you will continue on this path as great parents to your kids. With the Lord’s help you will be able to handle whatever comes your way.

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