Intimate Countryside Wedding in Aylmer

Eddy and Delilah are married! It’s been a while since their engagement session,¬†and thankfully the weather was much nicer this time around! The couple exchanged vows in an intimate countryside wedding at a gorgeous country property in Aylmer. Eddy and Delilah’s family pulled me in like I was family, and that meant so much. It was not easy for Delilah’s mom Lisa to let her go; a little bit more once again. I’m sure these two have a wonderful future together, and that probably does make this a little easier on their parents.

It was supposed to rain a fair bit that day, which stressed both Delilah and me out a little bit. Thankfully it ended up being an absolutely gorgeous day! The CASO train station in St. Thomas provided a wonderful backdrop for these two and their bridal party. And these bridesmaid dresses were just the perfect colour of blue. All these girls just got along so well and it was an absolute joy to spend my day with them. The guys too, of course. Eddy and Delilah had the perfect ceremony location, and of course the little ringbearer had to steal the show… just a little bit.

The whole day was just full of love and joy, especially the reception. The speeches brought me to tears, though. (Don’t tell anyone that!) I could feel the sense of support that these two wonderful people got not only from their friends and family, but also from the rest of the community. I can honestly say that I’m sad the day has come and gone, because it was so nice to get to know every one!

Eddy and Delilah, by now you’ve returned from your honeymoon, and I hope you had a wonderful time. Your life together has already started, but now that things are returning back to normal it will seem a lot more real. Wishing you God’s help and blessing as you take on this new chapter in your lives.


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