A Simply Elegant Country Side Wedding In Straffordville

This wedding was, as is stated above, simply elegant. But that’s not all it was. Tanisha and Reuben put so much thought into their big day, and it was very obvious. They committed their lives to each other in front of the ones they love the most. They were a testament to God’s almighty goodness. If there is ever a couple that will stay with us on this journey though wedding photography, it is Tanisha and Reuben.

Yes, I said us, because this was the first wedding that Bertus, my husband, came and second-shot with me. Only part of the day, but still. It was a wonderful experience for us, and we hope it was for the couple and their family and friends as well.

It hasn’t been too long since THEIR ENGAGEMENT SESSION, actually. I’m so glad that we managed to get that in before their big day, though. There are two reasons for this; FIRST; I was able to get to know them and work with them which made all of us more comfortable with each other (and it got me even more excited for their wedding), and SECOND; as their wasn’t a lot of time for couple portraits, they got to see how I worked. This gave them more confidence, for one. It also made portrait time on the wedding day flow much smoother. More so than I could have imagined!

Reuben comes from an Old Order Amish background, but his parents were given a King James Version Bible, and life changed a lot since then. Tanisha comes from a very loving family living in Straffordville, and was exposed to the Bible and its teachings because of her bigger sister. The stories that were based around all these huge life changes ranged from the “tear-inducing laughter” kind to the “please get me the tissues now” emotional kind. And for all the differences between all these many different cultures coming together under one roof to celebrate these two, there was enough love to last Reuben and Tanisha the whole entire year before they plan to move back down to Virginia.

Would you believe that this dress was worn by Tanisha’s beautiful mama? I figured that was worth a mention!

Their “first look” was a time of prayer, seeking guidance for their future under God’s leadership. It was amazing and definitely one of the highlights of their day for them, I believe.

And they’re a Mr. and Mrs.!!!

The ceremony and reception were inside a hall without any windows, but we managed to make the best of it. Especially as their details were so beautiful, it was oh so worth it!

After the afternoon reception, we proceeded to a gorgeous field in Langton, where we spent a wonderful hour capturing these two!!!

Tanisha and Reuben, I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon up north, and I can’t wait to see where your future will lead you. If there is one thing I can ask of you both, it’s to keep being true to yourself, you’ve made such an impact on us, and I can only imagine what else is in store for the two of you if you continue God’s work as you have been doing.


Invitations | Vistaprint

Florals | XQZT Floral Design

Shoes | Walmart

Men’s Wear | Kohl’s (USA)

Rings | Vanderhoff Jewelers 


Cake Toppers | The Maid of Honour

Bridesmaid’s Dresses | Pat Wingrove

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