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Rustic Family Session in a Burgessville Apple Orchard | The Klyn Family

Repeat clients are my favorite, to say the least! And this client has a special place in my heart. They have stuck with me right from the beginning and were super understanding about the delay in image delivery after my water broke. Marlies and I have become friends; which has become more common to me with clients. Especially as this is the third time we got together to have family photos done! This apple orchard family session is one of my faves so far.

This time Jordan (Papa) even joined in the fun! And fun was had! From exploring the tall grasses, checking on the progress of apples, and juggling the few that ended up on the ground; I think it’s safe to say that the mosquitos and bugs were only a minor nuisance and didn’t take away from the memories that were made!

Jordan & Marlies, thank you for choosing me once again; I am truly honoured to be your family photographer. My family and I wish you a safe and enjoyable pregnancy. I can’t wait to hear news of the little one’s arrival into this big world. Keep loving those little ones, because they grow up so fast!

Kevin, it’s hard to imagine that you hadn’t even started school when we first met, and now you are going to grade 2, and Brittany, you’re starting school as well! Tyler, your big eyes are so curious, yet so wise for your young years. And Kendra, you were just a joy to chase and capture, even though you made it a little challenging at times! But that’s where all the fun is; finding ways to capture children, just the way they are, however necessary.

These captures of families just loving on each others are usually my favourites, and this time that is true once again!

Kendra, you are just such a monkey! At one point she really sweetly kissed her big sister on the cheeks, but I just happened to miss it. So the photographer in me of course made me try to recreate that moment. And as Kendra seemed interested, I was all ready for it the second time around. This time, however, little missy decided to be funny. And… we ended up with images of Kendra giving Brittany a big lick on the nose. Oh, the giggles!!!

Tyler happened to cut the side of his little finger; I’m thinking it was on a piece of grass. He was not impressed at all. Thanks to some funny antics by Mama and Papa we still got some smiles!

And when Brittany’s time for photos came, she was way more excited than even me! And that’s saying something! Of course that made me even more excited, especially as she’s such a cutie.

I mean, isn’t she just adorable?!?!

For some funny reason, the only thing you have to do to make Kevin smile was count. One… two… three… and that toothy grin would spread wide! Such a handsome fellow.

See these kids last year HERE!

I can only imagine that they were discussing how funny the “camera-lady” was! And that’s okay!!!

It was a joy and a pleasure as always, and I can’t wait to visit this location later in the fall again! I already have at least one family session planned here, and the colours are going to be even more vibrant than this time! Can’t wait!!!

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