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This gorgeous family was a host family to me this past weekend while I was in Toronto to take a Pro-Life Crash Course hosted by the Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform and Toronto Right to Life. I’m going to keep this blog post fairly short and let the images speak for themselves. Brooke and Jeremy met a few years ago. Brooke had always held the belief that she would likely never get married, but Jeremy broke down those walls. Now they are very happily married and have been blessed with a miracle baby, Elsjebella. This family session at the park was a great way to thank these three for their hospitality!

Elsje, you are a joy to be around! Shaking your head no and saying thank you are one of your specialties and they melted my heart! You are a true Daddy’s girl, that’s very evident. You have some amazing parents and they are so lucky to have you. I hope your parents are going to bring you around soon, maybe your Daddy will even grill us some burgers!

Brooke, thank you for your kindness last week; I feel like we are kindred souls. We see eye to eye on so many levels. Healthy eating habits, marriage, and religion were long-discussed topics, and I even learned a few things. Thank you for your listening ear and wonderfully kind heart. You remind me of Mary, a fragrant influence to all those around you. I feel lucky to have met you, and feel like I can call you a friend.

Jeremy. What to say. You are a true hero, standing up for the lives of the unborn each and every day. I hope you continue to be blessed in your labours, and may God remember all of your efforts. We will remember your family in our hearts, and keep you in our prayers. What you do every day is not easy, but that is not going to make a difference to you as long as these innocent lives are in danger. I am proud and thankful to call you a friend. I cannot wait to see how you and the CCBR are going to END THE KILLING.

While running after Elsje, I was reminded a lot of our own Stella; they’re at about the same stage of walking. They can run somewhat, but lose their balance fairly quickly yet. The funniest was when this happened right at the edge of a flower bed. It had been dug in a little ways, so when she stumbled, she toppled right in. It was quite hilarious!

Those toes. Even though they were covered by some mowed grass, I couldn’t resist sharing this one. <3

I told you she was a Daddy’s girl!!!

I loved how Brooke put the DVI Style Guide to use. The DVI Style Guide is a resource provided to help you get ready for your session. Click HERE for some more info that I love to focus on while I’m preparing you for your family session!

You two are so lucky to have each other! Your love can be felt the moment one enters a conversation with you!

Jeremy, Brooke, and Elsje, please come visit us soon!!!

  1. Jeremy Hooghiem says:

    Yay ! I greatly enjoyed this, and I am so glad you do what you do. Thank you for helping us celebrate God’s faithfulness in our family by creating these images.

  2. Maaike says:

    Wow! These pictures capture Jer and Brooke and their love for each other and Elsje so well. Beautiful!

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