Tillsonburg Trails Family Session | Family E

I had the privilege of capturing my sister-in-law’s family during this active and fun Tillsonburg trails family session! Bob and Jacqueline are parents of four busy but fun kiddos, and they kept me on my toes. This time I was super thankful for my wide angle lens, it allowed me to capture things quickly and even when they were super close to me!

We hadn’t made a final decision about our location until the day of, which is unusual for me. Usually I get my clients on the phone and try to get as many details confirmed as I can, which makes the whole preparation for them a lot more fun and smooth. But since this was kind of booked while we were walking out of my sister-in-law’s birthday party, we hadn’t really had a chance to figure out the details. As you can see, it worked out anyways! I had driven by this unique spot on a part of the Tillsonburg trails, that had some gorgeous trees, and amazing lighting. Lighting is always key! On the way to their house, I quickly stopped by one more place on the way, a property with some overgrown parts, another option. We ended up using both!

These boys were not interested in me and my camera, and I wasn’t surprised. At the end of this post, you’ll see some real laughs coming out, when their dad starts to sing a song. It really was too cute!

B & J, you have a bunch of busy but awesome kids! I’m glad my camera stayed safe through the whole branch whacking episode, but thankful it happened as it allowed me to capture some real smiles! I’m sure you know by now how quickly time flies by. You can see that by how the little girl who learned to walk by holding on to her own skirt is now turning into a beautiful lady. You can see it in the boys that will eventually grow up and calm down (I’m hoping for you, anyways!) And you can definitely see it in “Miss Purple” whose smile has stuck with her through the years! (BTW, she was born on 11-11-11, isn’t that cool?)

K, you really are turning into a beautiful young lady. I hope these images capture how you want the world to see you, because they already do!

S, I’m okay with the fact that it wasn’t a blast for you, but I still think you had a little bit of fun! The sucker at the end made it worth your while, though, didn’t it?

T… You have trouble in your eyes and written all over your face. In a good way of course. Mischief is never far off with you, and I hope your life stays as interesting as you are hoping for. Otherwise, just look for some more trouble (don’t tell your mom I said that)!

G, I want to take you home and keep you. You can be my constant source of chatter, laughs and giggles. You can make any dreary day seem happier, just by smiling. Never stop, girly! Never stop.

Enough said, let’s get to the great part, what y’all came here for!

Look at all those blues!

Boys need to be put in their place once in a while, am I right?

I mean, look at this beautiful smile!

“Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.”

This is where their dad started singing, and I still cannot figure out if he made it up, or whether someone wrote it especially for him!

Thank you so much for choosing me, B & J, I loved our time together, and I hope you love these images as much as I do!

P.S. Check your inbox! Your gallery is on its way. <3

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