Paris Penman’s Pass Fall Session | The Keatings Family

This session was perfection, and I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so hard at a session before! I’m thinking they had more fun than they were expecting, even Matt didn’t complain. This Paris, Ontario Fall Family Session just flew by and I think we can all agree that little Abagail was the star of the show!

Meet the Keatings family, one of the funnest families on my blog so far! Rebecca organized this session for her mom as a birthday gift. Such a great idea! To gift your family with memories made and be able to look back on them is one of the most thoughtful things I can imagine gifting anyone. It’s the reason I love my job. It’s the reason my job doesn’t feel like a job! Anyways, enough said. We met at Penman’s Pass, and for the next hour we walked this adorable little trail. The last of the fall colours were still up in the trees. Fall is almost over, y’all! (At least up here in Canada.)

This was the last family session I have booked for the year. If I happen to get any more that’s okay; but it was an amazing way to end my season either way. It’s been a while since my first session of 2018 (see EDDY & DELILAH’S ENGAGEMENT SESSION). I’ve had some amazing experiences since then! Thank you to this wonderful family (and adorable baby) for making this day amazing for me as well. They were off to a wedding right after this, so they all looked awesome!

Right after this, little Miss A toppled over backwards, and that was the end of that! It was a good thing that it was the end of the session.

Congratulations to these two with baby #2, who hopes to arrive early 2019. Abagail is going to make an amazing big sister! I’m sure Rebecca will have her hands full, but with her obvious joy for life and positive outlook on everything, she is going to be just fine.

This handsome young man works for a chef at the Elm Hurst Inn! Did I ever tell you that it was my dream to be a chef one day? Not so much anymore, I love being home with my family during dinner. Also, I love using my ideas for the people I love, I’d be terrified that I’d start to hate cooking for my family.

It did not take very much to make any of these people to smile, and when they smiled, they just glowed. With happiness, that is!

I mean, just look at her!!! Peekaboo was such a fun new game I taught her.

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