Donuts & Sprinkles for Lauryn | Norwich 2-Year Birthday Session

Her eyes glistened with mischievous intent, and her arms went up. She twirled around and around until she lost her balance and collapsed in a bunch of giggles. Her mom and I couldn’t help but laugh. The residue of the sprinkles on her cheeks was the perfect touch. The sugar-filled donut likely added to her energy level, but that only made this girl birthday session more fun.

She demanded to have her jacket on once again, and proudly looked at her silver shoes. This little girl’s world is so full of joy, and it was totally contagious!┬áLauryn is the first baby that I have been able to capture with my camera her whole life, and I’m very honoured. Now that she’s two, I think it’s safe to say that she is no longer a baby. She loves to run and jump. She runs to her Mama and gives her a great big hug, “I love you, Mommy!”

What do I love about photographing little girls? I mean, what is there not to love about it? Those little details; her hands, her pearl necklace, and those gorgeous brown eyes! When she dug into her donut, she made sure to catch every sprinkle that was tempted to fall on the floor. She finished every last bite, and after her hands and face were washed, there was still a hint of the stains that the sprinkles left around her mouth. Everything about this session was happy, and I hope it makes you smile!

See this little girl’s 6-month session HERE.

She’s just so excited about that donut!

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