Saint Andrews Candy Boutique Brand Shoot

Capturing all the Colour

When we received a message from Hillary of Hillary Russell Media on Instagram inquiring about brand photography for not one but two brands, we were absolutely thrilled to do a Saint Andrews brand shoot! Cathy, creator of the adorable Candy Creations Boutique was one of them. You probably saw the sneak peak on our Instagram last week, and there is so much more cuteness in this blog post!

This shop is beautiful and was so fun to capture on camera. Our children were lucky enough to be models (and taste-testers). Others who volunteered for those duties included Cathy’s grand-daughter, Hillary (the shoot coordinator) and one of her friends. We couldn’t help but want to fill the Chinese take-out containers they had with gummy bears! Let’s just say a lot of candy was ingested to obtain these photographs.

For this shoot, we focused on creating content for their website and social media. To be as true to their brand, we embraced all the colour that the store had to offer. It made this shoot truly unique.

Cathy’s Journey with Candy Creations

Cathy started her journey creating custom candy creations as gifts, still available through the store. You can see the dedication and love put into each candy creation. Now, Candy Creations has come up with a unique way of selling in bulk. Those Chinese take-out boxes we mentioned, they come in two different sizes. The best part? NO LIMIT! As long as the lid closes, you can load it up with goodies.

They don’t just sell the candy you’re used to, however. Unique goodies from all over the world, as well as fudge, pucker powder, dippin dots, etc., can be found here as well. Another unique aspect of Candy Creations, they also cater to candy paraphernalia such as gummy bear earrings, scrunchies and delicious bubble tea which is perfect on a hot day. This is the reason why it’s not just a candy store, but a boutique.

We love seeing family based businesses thrive. With a mother and daughter, daughter in-law and two granddaughters being the main employees, it’s no wonder this shop is so sweet. It is a must stop when you visit the quaint little town of Saint Andrews.

The Beautiful Town of Saint Andrews

The weekend of our shoot was a hot one in Saint Andrews, New Brunswick. We were so grateful for the A/C. This touristy town has the most beautiful waterfront views and delicious summer treats; we spent an incredible few days here. This Saint Andrews brand shoot was just icing on top of the cake!

This seaside town is a lovely place for any type of shoot, maybe you can imagine your engagement shoot here. When you visit don’t forget to visit Cathy and her wonderful family based business!

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