Saint Stephen Pet Store Brand Shoot

An incredibly rare look into God’s beautiful creation wonderfully cared for by the kind-hearted Harper family at their pet store!

Welcome To The Pet Store

Harpers Exotic Animals & Pet Supply was in dire need of a new website when Hillary from Hillary Russell Media reached out to us. Hearing Doug and Tamara’s story and how they got to where they are now made us incredibly excited for the possibility to work with them. This amazing pet store brand shoot was a dream come true not just for the Harpers, but such an incredibly unique opportunity for us!

Shortly before this shoot, a new chain pet store came to town. In the time since, Doug and Tamara this has become a bit of a challenge. However, their customer service and passion to make an actual difference sets them apart from any big box store. When you shop at Harpers Pet Supply you can feel the love and passion they have put into it. We have no doubt they will be able to persevere through and come out on top.

The store front houses the pet supply part of this business, and it offers everything from fresh to dried animal feed and treats, brushes, leashes, cages and so so much more! If you have furry friends make sure to check out go! and NOW; two brands that come highly recommended by Doug!

Humble Beginnings in their Saint Stephen Home

Hearing the story behind Doug and Tamara’s business was inspiring. They have suffered more loss than most. Having their entire home burn to the ground, with all their belongings mere days before Christmas was a life-altering event.

Their generous community rallied behind them and on Christmas morning their daughter was still able to spend hours opening presents. Isn’t it wonderful to hear of such supportive communities! Today, Doug’s main goal is to give back to the community that helped him through that hard time!

After an injury left Doug unable to return to work as a mechanic, Harpers became even more official. Through the toughest of times Doug and Tamara were able to find strength and inspiration, and created what you see here today.

Doug Grew Up Terrified Of Snakes

One day someone asked Doug and Tamara to take in a snake that desperately needed rehoming. Although Dough grew up terrified of snakes, reptiles slowly began to grow on him. By 2016 they had grown big enough to take their animal show on the road; visiting shows and birthday parties!

When you enter the unassuming storefront, you have no idea what lays hidden behind the counter. An entrance to what is commonly referred to as the “Reptile Room”. There you can find a vast array of unique reptiles which of many are illegal to own as pets here in NB. Doug has learned the skills and wisdom to treat them all. From one of the most poisonous tarantulas, which makes Tamara’s stomach churn, to the most adorable and cuddly chinchillas; they all get the same dedication from this amazing team!

Ball pythons, frogs, turtles and even a Savannah monitor complete this family. Each of them got their own individual “headshot”. For a small fee, you are welcomed to come visit their animal room. You may even be able to hold a snake or reptile!

Pet Store Brand Shoot in St.Stephen NB

This weekend was a busy one. Being able to capture not just one, but two unique brands in nearby towns was such a blessing, even though it was BUSY! (If you haven’t checked out Candy Creation’s Brand Shoot yet, you can see that here!)

We love how this business has utilized the photos we captured during this pet store brand shoot on their website. If you are ever in Saint Stephen make sure you stop by Harpers Pet Supply. Don’t miss out on their exceptional customer service and great selection!

  1. Christine Lannaman says:

    Harpers and the Harper family (both 2 and 4 and no legged) have given so much of their experience, knowledge and compassion to this town. St Stephen and Charlotte County are very priviledged to have this community minded and loyal resource (it is SO much more than just a store) in our midst.

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