Waterford Ponds Engagement Session | Rachel + Johnny

Receiving A Sincere Request

Normally when we receive an inquiry, whether or not they hire us is mainly a decision of the bride and groom. It will depend on the amount they want to invest, and if they see us capturing their special day in the way that they feel would best represent them. In Rachel and Johnny’s case it was the other way around! It was one of the most sincere requests we’ve ever had to capture someone’s wedding. We are beyond grateful to shoot this Waterford Ponds engagement session and be a part of what is sure to be a gorgeous wedding day in Chelsey, ON.

We’ll be back in Ontario in just over a month to capture the day these two say I do and see them start the next chapter in their lives.

Rachel and Dianne’s Lasting Friendship

Rachel is a long time friend of ours. She assisted with students when Bert was a grade 6 teacher in Ontario. Dianne got to know Rachel during her time as a volunteer at the same school, chatting while she was marking and Rachel would be on her break.

Connecting quickly and finding many things in common, creating a beautiful long lasting friendship. With countless sushi dates (one of Rachel and Dianne’s favourites), chatting over coffee and getting know one another. We became close quickly and began to really enjoy each others company.

Although we now live miles apart, sushi dates will always be a thing. This blog isn’t about Rachel and Dianne though, so let’s get to the point!

Rachel and Johnny’s Love Story

Rachel was working in the office of a welding shop in Norwich, Ontario when she met Johnny. He was employed there as well. You could say he had his work cut out for him to try and convince her he was serious about her. Isn’t it beautiful when God brings two wonderful people together to create a beautiful relationship and life full of memories?

Now, 14 months full of laughter, connection and new memories later, they are about to get married. We are so excited to capture this special day and to celebrate with dear friends and their loved ones.

Charming Waterford Ponds Ontario

Being back in Waterford Ponds was charming. We ourselves have had family portraits done here in the past. The weather was perfect, not too cold, with the sun creating the perfect lighting to capture this beautiful couple.

We planned this shoot a month ahead of time to line up with our trip to Ontario. But we couldn’t have planned it better. Waterford Ponds is an incredibly versatile portrait location. Summer or winter, it provides a plethory of backgrounds. It still surprised us even on this bright winter day. If you ever visit Waterford Ponds, make sure to check out this guide and explore part of the Trans Canada Trail including the Black Bridge.

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