Mini Brand Shoot | ItWorks!

Working with a large corporation such as ItWorks was a dream come true for our team. Capturing three close friends doing what they love in this mini brand shoot resulted in authentic photos for this amazing company.

It Works Mini Brand Shoot

ItWorks is a Christian health and wellness company. They are passionate about helping individuals reach their personal health and lifestyle goals. They are all about making simple adjustments in your daily routine to create the life of your dreams. All of their products are made of quality ingredients. From quality skincare, nutrition and weight loss management, ItWorks has you covered!

ItWorks had the plan to launch not one, but TWO new products in the spring of 2022. They offered us the opportunity to capture some of their award-winning sales representatives with these new products. We were so delighted. It lined up perfectly with our first trip back to Ontario! The icing on top of the cake was the fact that one of the models we’d be working with was BARB!

Make sure to check out ItWorks here.

A Perfect Morning “Catching Up”.

It had been less than 2 months since having baby Nadine. And many know what a schedule with a newborn looks like. Yet, it worked perfectly within what ItWorks was hoping to accomplish with this mini brand shoot. Having the ability to do what we love while catching up with our sweet friend Barb is just one of many things we are thankful for. We had never met any of the other ladies before. The fact that they are such a tight-knit bunch made it feel like we had known them forever! And bringing along a fresh baby didn’t hurt!

The rental they used was a haven of natural light. The light color scheme and minimal décor made for a perfect mini brand shoot. We are going to let the images speak for themselves!

We truly believe that those who have never modeled professionally before are the easiest to pose in natural ways. Barb, Katelyn and Jenn are living proof. We could not be happier with how this mini brand shoot turned out, and we would jump at the chance to work with ItWorks again in the future.

If you are looking for an informed decision when purchasing ItWorks, any of these beautiful ladies will go above and beyond for you!

Mini Brand Shoot Vs. Full Brand Shoot

The way that this brand shoot was set up is not the usual way that we capture brands. And while we are so proud of the images, we are even more proud of the storytelling aspect we were able to accomplish with minimal information and preparation. It was our goal to just showcase a trio of friends “catching up” while enjoying some amazing yummy lattés and protein bars. The photos below are PROOF!

We usually mainly deal with the marketing departments of companies. This often includes the founder of the company, especially for smaller brands. This allows us to get a much more intimate understanding of what the WHY behind this company is. This is the key to any successful brand shoot. So if you’re looking for a brand photographer to just show up on the day, shoot as many images as possible and deliver a gallery within a month or so, we are not who you’re looking for. We believe that the majority of the work is done before we ever even click our shutter button. That’s what sets us apart, and we know you deserve it!!!

To show you what we mean: THIS is just a highlight of what a full day shoot that was planned to perfection looks like!

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