Navigating Traveling with a Large Family

Having just traveled from New Brunswick to Ontario and back home again, we want to share our tips and tricks with you to make the long drive as enjoyable as possible! Yes, traveling as a large family is very feasible and can make for wonderful memories!

Navigating Traveling with a Large Family: A Journey Filled with Joy and Togetherness

Traveling with a large family can be an enriching adventure, brimming with moments of laughter, bonding, and exploration. As lovers of not only photogenic beauty, but the Christ-like beauty that comes from sharing time with one’s family, we treasure close relationships, and the magnificence of the wisping trees, cascading rivers and splendor that comes with surrendering to nature’s charms. Whether you’re embarking on a road trip between New Brunswick and Ontario or planning a vacation to explore new destinations, this blog post offers valuable tips to make your journey with a large family smooth and enjoyable!

Packing List + Seating Arrangement: The Road Trip Essentials

Efficient packing and a well-organized seating arrangement can make a world of difference during your journey. Prepare a dedicated backpack filled with snacks, water in insulated bottles, juice boxes, and special treats that your children don’t usually get. Utilize treats that cannot be consumed in the car as incentives for good behavior and as a delightful reward when you reach a particular destination. Setting expectations at the beginning of the trip, including the approximate number of stops and travel duration, will help create a sense of structure and keep everyone informed.

Rest Well Beforehand: Recharging for the Journey Ahead

Before embarking on your travel escapade, take time to rest and rejuvenate. Consider taking a nap for 1 to 2 hours to ensure you start your adventure with renewed energy. Unlike daily naps that may be kept short to preserve nighttime sleep, allow yourself the luxury of a longer nap to embark on your trip feeling refreshed and ready to make lasting memories.

Be Flexible with Stops: Exploring Hidden Gems

The key to a successful road trip with a large family is to be flexible with stops along the way. Consider the ages and interests of your children and husband when planning the route. Embrace the opportunity to explore hidden gems, like Grand Falls, the scenic St. Lawrence River, or the picturesque shores of Lake Ontario. Future trips could include ventures to Ottawa or Old City Quebec, enriching the travel experience with diverse cultural and historical encounters.

Prepare Some Activities: Keeping Everyone Engaged

Long road trips can be challenging for children, but preparing engaging activities can make the journey enjoyable for everyone. Pack travel games such as “I spy,” “Top Trumps,” and “The Alphabet Game” to keep the little ones entertained and occupied. Downloading favorite movies or stories can create moments of excitement and relaxation during the trip. Let the joy of shared laughter and storytelling bind your family together as you venture towards your destination.

Our dinnertime plan was to explore Thousand Islands for an hour while enjoying delicious pizza from 241 Pizza. It was a HIT!

Cut into Sleep Time: Driving Through Dreams

For longer trips, consider strategically planning to drive through naptime or bedtime. While it may disrupt their regular sleep patterns, it allows children to rest during travel hours, leading to more serene and peaceful moments on the road. Expect them to fall asleep later than usual, but take comfort in the quiet hours when you can reflect on the beautiful memories you’re making as a family.

Switch Drivers When Necessary: A Journey Shared

Driving long distances can be tiring, so consider switching drivers when needed to maintain focus and ensure a safe trip for everyone. Sharing driving responsibilities will not only ease the burden but also create moments for bonding and shared experiences during the journey.

One of our favourite stops is Grand Falls, in Northern New Brunswick. It’s calm and quiet, the perfect place to have a breakfast on the go!

Takeout is Your Friend: Easy Meals on the Road

To cut costs and save time, consider packing easy-to-prepare meals for times when convenient takeout options may not be available. Breakfast is an essential meal, and having a simple and satisfying option, such as egg bites with turkey and cheese, can set a positive tone for the day. When the opportunity arises, indulge in takeout from local eateries, finding a perfect spot to enjoy pizza or subs as a family. The shared experience of savoring delicious food in a new setting will become a cherished memory of your travel escapade.

Embrace the Journey of Togetherness

Traveling with a large family may present unique challenges, but with careful planning and an open heart, it can become an unforgettable journey filled with joy and togetherness. As you venture through the beauty of Canada’s landscapes, cherish each moment, embrace the spontaneity, and relish the bonding opportunities that arise during your road trip. Remember, this voyage is not just about reaching your destination; it’s about the shared experiences, the laughter echoing through the car, and the cherished memories that will last a lifetime. So, embark on your adventure with these values close to heart, and let the journey be a testament to the importance of family, faith, and the love that binds you all together. Happy travels!

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