A Session on the Home Farm | La Salette Family Session

An enjoyable stroll all over a stunning countryside property during this La Salette family session turned into some of the sweetest captures of this little family.

From their engagement to their winter wedding, and later family portraits, our journey with the Koster family has been a special journey. This time, it was a chance to capture their essence against the backdrop of their picturesque La Salette property. A canvas rich with memories and meaning, this session was about encapsulating the heart of the Koster family in every frame.

Embracing the Challenges While Exploring Home’s Beauty

Challenges often pave the way for remarkable outcomes. Richard’s knee surgery and Grace’s not-so-easy day were a testament to this truth. Instead of seeking perfection, we embraced the beauty in these candid, imperfect moments. Navigating limitations and moods, we captured the authentic essence of the Koster family. It’s just strong evidence that real-life moments are the ones that resonate most deeply. Lydia and Richard’s property held secrets of its own, a sanctuary of comfort and connection. With its rolling landscapes and newfound inhabitants – cows and ponies that gracefully roamed the pasture – this property had transformed since our last visit. As we immersed ourselves in familiar yet evolving surroundings, we realized that every element held a narrative thread of the Koster family’s journey.

Returning to Roots

Returning to La Salette, the town that held our lives for 8 years, was a homecoming of sorts. It’s fascinating how life’s paths intersect and weave new tales. As we wandered the grounds, capturing moments against the backdrop of this area that was once our own, we were reminded of the synchronicity that life often offers. 3-year-old Hannah, a delightful presence, added her charm to the session. With an eager willingness to follow directions, she gave us the canvas to explore our creative vision. At the same time, the ever-changing dance of light, courtesy of scattered clouds, kept us on our toes. Yet, these lighting shifts allowed us to capture a diverse range of backgrounds, each narrating its own story.

Embracing the Beauty of Home

Opting for a session on their own property carries its own allure. It brings families closer to the familiar comforts of home, providing a space where children can be themselves without inhibition. These images reflect an intimacy that only a familiar environment can yield. They encapsulate moments that not only look back at the past but embody the very essence of a family’s journey. Our day with the Koster family was more than a photo session. It was a glimpse into their world, an exploration of the beauty that thrives in familiarity. As we frame their story against the canvas of their history-rich property, this La Salette family session reminds us that every laugh, every shared moment, and every connection is a treasure waiting to be preserved.

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