The Quinn’s Family Journey | Brantford Mini Session

This sweet Brantford mini session with Ali, Evan and little Jack was filled with sweet snuggles, a little exploration and very few cautious smiles.

Their story begins with a Starbucks consultation with Ali and Evan back in 2019. Since then, we’ve had the honor of photographing them on multiple occasions, from their two-part engagement session to their beautiful wedding day. 

Through Milestones and Smiles

We were there to capture the radiant glow of Ali during their maternity session as they eagerly awaited the arrival of their bundle of joy, Jack just over two years ago.

Speaking of Jack, he made his stance clear early on – he wasn’t entirely convinced about this camera business. He radiated adorableness even when his little face remained solemn. The lack of a smile didn’t take away from the final result. When those elusive smiles did grace our lens, it felt like an achievement in itself. Ali and Evan, with their sweet “Jack Jack,” embarked on this new chapter of parenthood. We felt truly honored to preserve these moments of their evolving journey.

An Evening at W. Ross Macdonald School

The setting for this mini session was the picturesque grounds of the W. Ross Macdonald School in Brantford. Mini sessions, by nature, have their limitations, but they offer a unique charm, especially for little ones who might not readily open up to strangers. For us, capturing Jack’s distinctive personality at this Brantford mini session was an absolute joy. He might be a mama’s boy, yet he wasn’t hesitant to snuggle up against Daddy’s beard. It’s these subtle moments that define the essence of family.

Mini sessions have become a cherished offering in our portfolio, giving families an opportunity to test the waters with a new photographer or to see how their child responds to the camera. It’s a recommendation we stand by, particularly for families considering multiple photo sessions throughout the year.

Reconnecting with Friends

Our journey with the Quinns is more than just this photo session. It was a heartwarming reunion with friends who’ve had a significant impact on our lives. Ali and Evan have not only been personally wonderful but have also supported our business by recommending us to their friends. We’ve had the privilege of capturing cherished moments for four different couples, all connected through this incredible duo.

So, while this session was about the Quinn family, it was also a celebration of enduring friendships. It’s a testament to the bonds we create in this business, bonds that extend beyond the camera’s lens. We’re excited to see where their journey leads and look forward to capturing more milestones in the future.

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