Capturing Family Connections: A Mini Session with the Leegstra Family

Any family with five children is busy, but Julia and Rob have the additional responsibility and joy of loving a special needs child. We loved seeing them again!

Embracing Memories, One Mini Session at a Time

There’s something truly magical about capturing the essence of a growing family over time. We invite you to take a glimpse into the world of the Leegstra family, who have graced us with their presence more than once. Just like old friends, our repeat clients hold a special place in our journey, and the Leegstra family is no exception. Their journey with us began a while back. We previously had the pleasure of photographing their beautiful story against the backdrop of the W. Ross MacDonald School in Brantford. And as time passed, we found ourselves once again at this familiar location, ready to capture new milestones at this family mini session.

Welcoming New Additions with Open Arms

Life is constantly changing, and the Leegstra family welcomed two adorable members since we last met – Callie and Emma. We were so happy to meet them and to witness Evan’s growth (he’s gotton so big!), showing how quickly time passes and how fast children grow. Julia took the opportunity to find the perfect dress for herself and base the rest of her family members’ outfits around that, just as we recommend in our style guide!

Family Unity

The Leegstra family paints a picture of unity, with big siblings Melvin and McKenna stepping up as helpers – a testament to the unbreakable bonds that form within a family. Our journey with the Leegstra family continues to unfold, and we look forward to sharing more beautiful family moments with them. Photography is about capturing more than images; it’s about preserving memories, documenting growth, and celebrating love. The Leegstra family mini session captures all this and more, allowing us to treasure the moments of their journey forever!

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