A Sweet Newborn Session in Rothesay | Baby Chloe

There’s a special kind of charm that comes with newborn photography sessions. Baby Chloe’s session at her family’s beautiful little home in Rothesay was the epitome of that charm. New parents Lauren and Ben welcomed me into their new abode, a place they’ve been lovingly transforming over the past six months. For this Rothesay newborn photographer, it was such a joy to spend a morning with a sweet little babe.

A Gentle Soul

Sunlight was streaming through the windows, illuminating the stunning hardwood floors and casting a warm, welcoming glow throughout the space. The focus was on a little girl with the tiniest little head and perfect little nose. This radiant light provided the perfect backdrop for capturing the tender moments between Lauren, Ben, and their precious baby girl, Chloe. When I arrived, baby was in her Daddy’s arms. She stayed so content till well past the first half of their session. Capturing the macro photos of her little features means that her parents don’t have to forget what these early days were like.

New Parents

Lauren, dressed in elegant neutrals, epitomized the glow of new motherhood. I first met her at a women’s networking event called Happy Hour Club the day after her due date. We were so thrilled when she reached out to schedule this session post-Chloe’s arrival. Her grace as a new mom was evident in every moment with Chloe, making it clear how deeply she cherishes her new role.

Ben, too, was the picture of an involved and loving father. His excitement about Chloe’s arrival was contagious, and it was heartwarming to see him so engaged and attentive. Throughout the session, he embraced not only the essence of fatherhood, but also the supportiveness of a great partner. Working with such a dedicated and loving family is always a highlight for any Rothesay newborn photographer.

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Baby Chloe’s Serenity

Chloe’s peaceful slumber allowed us to capture some truly serene and intimate family moments. When it came time to focus on Chloe alone, she decided to show off her stunning dark eyes, adding an extra touch of charm to the photos and great variety to their gallery. After a quick feed, she was alert and curious, taking in her surroundings with wide-eyed wonder.

It’s no surprise that Chloe was one of the easiest and most delightful babies we’ve had the pleasure of photographing. Her natural beauty and serene demeanor made every shot a joy to capture.

A New Chapter

Documenting the early days of this little family with the love and harmony evident in every frame was an honour for us as Rothesay newborn photographers. It’s not about us, but we needed to say that. Baby Chloe is undoubtedly so blessed to be surrounded by such warmth, love, and light.

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