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Another Beach Session!

Having a preemie is hard. Super hard! Our experience with Stella was so blessed, but at the same time it tested us to our very core. Would you believe that this family has a set of preemie twins? These two little boys, Isaiah and Ezra were born at 28 weeks, because one of them had stopped moving. Thankfully now they are two healthy boys, Ezra being a g-tube baby. Ezra was born with TEF/EA, which means that he was born with his esophagus attached to his lungs. He does still need treatments to stretch his esophagus where they repaired it. Ezra was in the NICU for a whopping 138 days, while Isaiah was thankfully home at day 60. And big brother Carter is super in love with his siblings!

I asked Justina if it was difficult to have a g-tube baby (a baby fed through a tube directly to the stomach), but she said that by now she was used to it. They seem like a family who loves their little ones a lot, even though I’m sure they’re very busy! Peter and Justina, it was super nice to meet you and get to know you a little bit, I’m sure you’ll treasure these images for always.

We were fortunate enough with nice weather and it was so nice to be back at Port Dover. Bert and I had the chance to get out and have dinner before this session; it was so nice to have a little bit of time with just the two of us, especially as we were heading out on a three-day class trip to Ottawa the next day

I mean, aren’t these two just the cutest? I find it so cute that the one looks like his dad and the other like his mom. <3

HERE is another one of my favorite sessions at the beach!

And then at a certain point, the sun broke through the clouds and made the whole lake seem like it was on fire, it was absolutely gorgeous!


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