Heading to Long Point Beach with the Dogs | The LaCroix Family

If you still have time, I am advising you to visit this place before the weather turns. Honestly, it was an absolutely amazing setting for this Long Point beach family session! If there is any couple looking for a great deal on a couples session, please get in touch with me ASAP so I can schedule you in before the leaves are gone!!! I mean it, email me NOW!

This family contacted me the day after I did one of Jackie’s friend’s family sessions, and her message was, “Hi Dianne…you may not have time but I thought I’d ask…would u be able to do family pics for us…??” and then when I said I had one slot left in the middle of September, she replied, “Ohhhh, pretty please?” I love working with clients who value me, my work, and everything about my images, especially those who deliver thank you cards, just for taking you on! I mean, Jackie, you’re just the sweetest, and capturing this family session for you was an absolute pleasure! Thank you for bringing me to the beach, btw! I really, really, REALLY wanna go back!

Kenneth, you were a tough nut to crack, but I have to say that the model stares were genius and I love how each and every image of you turned out! This young man loves Piper (the brown puppy), and is working hard at training him. Piper loves him back just as much, I think!

Savannah, you are one gorgeous young lady! I am sure your Mama is going to have to beat those boys off of you with a stick. Hopefully not till you get a little older. I cannot wait to see what’s in store for you, and just want you to remember to stay true to yourself. You’re not just beautiful on the outside, you are wonderful, kind, and a little funny too! Loved the eye rolls at Mom once in a while. There may or may not be one of those in your full gallery!

Terry and Jackie, you have been blessed with a wonderful family. Jackie, you inspire me to be a kinder and better version of myself whenever we talk, and I love that about you! I am sad that none of my kids has had you as Grade 1 teacher yet; maybe next year Easton will be lucky enough! Thank you for choosing me, and of course I hope you’ll love these as much as I do!!!


Look at those sweet puppy eyes!!!

See another one of my favourite beach sessions HERE!

This lady’s smile is so infectious! Jackie, I can’t wait for November so we both have time to catch up!

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