Simcoe Cherry Orchard Family Session | The Van’t Foort Family

Spring has finally arrived, and with it CHERRY BLOSSOMS! This Simcoe cherry orchard family session was supposed to be an apple orchard session. I don’t think anyone minded the slightly longer drive to Simcoe, however. The white blossoms on these trees were the perfect background for this gorgeous family.


Kelli and Andrew are parents to four of the most fun and joyful children ever, but I might be biased. I’ve had the privilege of seeing this family grow over the last few years, and it’s been an honour. From the twins’ mischievous giggles to Logan’s love for his dad, the session never slowed down, and I ended up with a gallery of over 150 pictures! I’m so excited to deliver these, I know they’ll be up on their walls in no time for visitors to enjoy as well!


Kristyn and Kailyn are the cutest 6-year-old twin. Mom Kelli mentioned to me that the bond that they have is so much more than the bond between regular siblings. I cannot even imagine. They giggled and laughed, and not many words were said between the two. I’m sure their bond is something that brings their parents much joy!


That’s how many times I’ve had the privilege of capturing Lauryn already. From her newborn photos to her latest second birthday session, including two family sessions now. To say that I appreciate watching her grow up is an understatement. Every time she is cuter and more smiley than the last!


Logan is the lucky big brother to these three girls, and I’m sure he’s going to have his hands full once they start dating. If anyone has their best interests at heart along with their parents, it’s this little handsome man. Dapper as all get out, and head-over-heels with his Mom and Dad. He was pretty proud of that tie as well!

All in all, I’d have to say that this family is one of my favourites, and capturing them in this stunning setting was such a treat. Kelli and Andrew, I hope your travels go well tomorrow, and wishing you an incredible time with family, celebrating your brother’s wedding!

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This little girl is just adorable, don’t you agree? She’s been in front of my camera SIX TIMES now! LAURYN’S TWO-YEAR SESSION was one of my favourites ever; especially with that sprinkled donut!

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