Waterford Ponds Extended Family Session | The Veldjesgraaf Family

Twenty-five years is cause for celebration, am I right? This beautiful family has been blessed throughout the years. Ups and downs, through thick and thin. Twenty-five years. A quarter of a century. Six children. Two sons-in-law have been added the last few years. And just a month ago, a beautiful grand-baby; Arielle. This Waterford extended family session was so much fun, and it really brought home to me how important family relationships are. You may not know it, but you’d be surprised at how much these big uncles love their little niece… just scroll down to see!

Arlene called me a few months ago to start planning this Waterford extended family session. It is always a bit harder to organize a convenient time to get everyone together when some of the kids have their own families, so starting early, as she did, is a great idea! When our first location fell through, we decided on Waterford Ponds; one of my favourite locations ever! The light on Friday was perfect, and once again I ended up with a huge gallery of images!

I’m sure Don and Arlene don’t mind that I took a whole bunch of their beautiful little girl, Kaylia. She was just such a joy, very kind and willing to do whatever I asked of her. We even had a very fun race, didn’t we Kaylia? From big to small, these kids all had fun. I always love to throw a few pictures of each mini-family in there for mom and dad to enjoy, but it’s also a great way to update the photo frames for the in-laws, and a nice way to keep the photo albums up to date. Because, let’s face it, that’s just so much fun to look at here and there!

Don and Arlene, thank you for the honour of letting me capture your beautiful growing family. Wishing you many congratulations for your twenty-fifth. My family and I hope that God will bless you with many more happy years together. I’m sure seeing your children grow up, and leaving the house to start their own families, isn’t always easy. But knowing that they’re starting their own legacy and will one day, the Lord willing, celebrate this milestone with their own spouse must be a cause for celebration. I hope you love these images as much as I do!


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