Bloomfield Farm Mini Session – The “McGibleys”

Sometimes it’s these surprise sessions with a bunch of unexpected guests, including a horse and cow and some sets of grandparents, that reminds us WHY we love what we do so much. This Bloomfield farm session is absolute proof.

A Reason to Get Together

Meet some of our new friends in New Brunswick; James and Victoria and their loved ones. We were lucky enough to meet Victoria at a local choir program last year, and have since really grown fond of these wonderful people. This session even allowed us to meet Jack, who usually lives in Ontario, but traveled out to see his mom and the rest of the fam-jam. We were privileged also to meet some sets of grandparents, a stepdad and an uncle. All in all, a happy mish-mash of a family, with a great reason to get together!

Farm life in Bloomfield

Victoria and James are busy parents of four kids. The ones that live with them on the farm have embraced country life to its fullest. Just the week before this session, Mabel was playing princess in a pretty dress… in a mud puddle. Oh, what we wouldn’t have done to get to capture that! Three cows, two horses (one of them a boarder), some goats and pigs, oodles of chickens and the most excitable dog make this farm a very lively place to be.

Being a New Brunswick photographer has allowed us to not only capture more people in unique locations. It has also given us the chance to really understand what brings people here (and keeps them here, including us). James and Victoria moved from near the GTA not too long before our family, and they’re just as confident that they’ve found their home as we are. Victoria admits that she and James often reminisce about how they never could have imagined themselves living the lives they are so enjoying now. That’s what’s amazing about NB; it just brings out the best in people. And that makes living here an amazing experience!

Seasons of Change in New Brunswick

While this sessions was only two weeks after the one at Irving Nature Park, the weather had completely changed and it felt more like summer. That’s just another thing to LOVE about New Brunswick; you really never know what you get when it comes to the weather.

Talking about seasons, this family is in such a busy season of life. Many of us are. It’s easy to hope that it gets slower, but it’s better to find meaning in these hectic times. Life doesn’t always turn out the way we hoped or expect. And that’s okay, usually a very good thing! It’s also understandable that you want to postpone hiring someone to capture your family when things are not so busy. But let us tell you a secret: Just because life is busy, doesn’t make it any less meaningful. (In fact, it probably makes it more so!) Time flies even faster when you have a lot on your plate, and before you know it, you’ll look at that family photo on the wall and realize that the youngest isn’t even on it, and the oldest has started looking like a mini adult. So hear us and hear us well: Just do it. Whether it’s us, or another amazing photographer that NB has to offer. We don’t want you to look back and regret holding off for so long. We can guarantee that Victoria and James will not regret this Bloomfield farm session. And the memories made will last a lifetime!

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