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Wind and water and pathways in the forest… This Saint John family session was about as “New Brunswick” as it gets.

Meet Samantha and Timothy. Parents of six kiddos, just like us (although our last has yet to make their appearance). With one spunky girl in the mix, they have their hands full! Homeschooling their oldest few, they are some of the most inspirational people we’ve come to know. They haven’t always had it easy, but have made a significant decision not to be a victim of their circumstances. They are working hard to create a life they love. And they’re doing amazing!

Planning a true New Brunswick Session

When Samantha and I started planning this session, we knew we wanted to showcase the best that Saint John had to offer. Irving Nature Park was an easy decision. With the parking lot full at our time of arrival, and never having photographed here, we weren’t sure what to expect. But then we found an empty (!!!) boardwalk and quiet forest trails, and this Saint John family session was off to a great start!

A Big Family in a Big Park

Exploring a boardwalk through marsh lands with 6 energetic little explorers keeps a mother (and father) on their toes. The photos, however, were absolutely worth it. Giving each child their little moment in the spotlight was an adventure in itself! Josh, Meleah, and CJ all quite enjoyed it. Little mister Gideon was more intrigued by his surroundings (he’s such a quiet old soul). And sweet Azariah wasn’t too sure about being on the forest floor, all by himself. Dear baby Zedekai preferred being in Daddy’s arms, so we left him there! And then it’s always time for some Mama and Daddy portraits; just to remind them of the two of them, without which this family would not be the way it is today.

New Brunswick is ALWAYS Beautiful!

It’s been almost 6 months since we last photographed a portrait session. The weather last time was totally different. If you compare THIS COUPLE SESSION to the current family session, you will agree that New Brunswick has lots to offer, no matter the season. So don’t be afraid to reach out no matter what time of year it is, and we promise we’ll find something perfect for your session!

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