Norton Backyard Apple Blossom Session | The Cripps Family

In the search for a perfect location to make our dreams for this apple blossom session a reality, we took a look at this sweet family’s own backyard… and LOOK WHAT WE MADE OF IT!

New Friends

We will be forever grateful to have met Jordan and Erica. It’s rare that a married couple can find another married couple in a similar stage of life and both the fathers become great friends as well as the moms. But here we are, and they only live 5 minutes from us. God had this all planned for us well before we even considered moving to New Brunswick.

Jordan owns his own business performing quality installs and repairs on heat pumps. (Side note: Heat pumps are a common way of heating homes here in the Eastern provinces.) His wife Erica is a phenomenal stay-at-home mama to two energetic little boys and an adorable baby girl. Their lives are about as busy as ours, and their dedication to living for the Lord is about the same. We have way more things in common than different, and we just love that! Erica has taught Dianne some basic skills about sourdough, we’ve processed chickens and made cheese together. We can’t wait to see what other memories we’ll make with new experiences!

Our family moved to New Brunswick in the fall of 2021. We were blessed to make this sweet family’s acquaintance shortly afterwards. When they arrived for the dinner we invited them to, (they only had their two boys at the time) we were quite impressed to see Erica and her boys nicely dressed up. And Jordan in his work gear. Now that we know him so much better, we are not surprised at all.

Planning for Spring, we got Blossoms!

This apple blossom session has actually been a year in the works. When they announced the pregnancy of their third baby, it was decided that we should probably wait until that little one could join in on the fun! And when we got closer to the date, we realized it was right in the middle of apple blossom season. We’d hoped to find an apple orchard to host this session. The morning of the session we popped by, and happened to notice a few stunning little spots in their own backyard! Problem solved…

Check out THIS SPRING SESSION for another blossoming tree in a brighter colour!

Busy Life with a Busy Family

In the middle of refinishing their shop, Jordan graced us with his presence. He seemed to actually enjoy himself, after promising to be trouble. Tickle tag with his boys, and sweet snuggles with his sweet baby girl… We knew he’d be a good girl dad, but now we also know that he photographs well as a girl dad! (Anything to embarrass him!) Erica, in her hand-sewn skirt, was the picture of grace as usual. The amazing patience that this mama has (two boys require an immense amount, believe us) is just inspiring. When both boys happened to jump up at the same time and smash their heads together, only Erica had the necessary skills and love to deal with two very upset little boys.

Jordan and Erica, you two are the best. Amazing friends who’ve been there for us already through thick and thin. Celebrating the highs with each other and supporting each other through the lows. It’s been our pleasure to watch you grow from four to five, and we hope that we continue to be a blessing to your family the way you’ve been to ours.

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