Belleisle Bay Farm Family Session | The Schwarz Family

Three gorgeous different views on the same property during this Belleisle Bay Farm Session allowed us to create a gallery that was full of beautiful, meaningful, and still down to earth and special images.

Farming in Kars

Farms are known to have a plethora of hidden spots that are just absolutely stunning. At times, there are only a few people that discover one of these special spots. The Schwarzes shared some of those with us, and they did not disappoint! With the bugs at a minimum on the day that we were there, and a surprise appearance by a bull-from (that disappeared too fast for me to capture), it was absolute perfection. Usually we prefer the sun to come down a bit before starting a session, but we also recognize that working around kids’ bedtimes is an important facet of having a successful session.

While on the farm, we got to meet a beautiful bull calf that was allowed to roam the property. We promise he made it into some of the photos! As did the Silkies, gorgeous little feathery creatures that are part of the chicken species. Definitely unique little birds, and fun to run after and catch if you ask these girls!

At the Beautiful Bay

A quick outfit change led to twirling all around. We were then led to what we believe to be the best hidden spot we’ve ever come across. In one way, it’s a bit disappointing that so few people get to see God’s creation from these beautiful spots. But it would likely just not stay the same. The waves were lapping at the rocky banks as, from youngest to oldest, we explored the edge of the Kennebecasis River. This Belleisle Bay Farm Session truly embraced all the beauty that New Brunswick has to offer!

Spring has officially arrived (yes, it’s late in New Brunswick), and the world is green once again! We absolutely love these warm spring days. It allows us to capture so many beautiful families. It sure helps when all the members of the family are warm and comfortable… Although, even when it’s windy and a bit cooler, it’s completely worth still going out. THIS SESSION is proof of that! Either way, we ensure that you’re prepared for whatever the weather might hold.

Family Blessings

From the green pond scene, to the barn, and finally to the bay; we really enjoyed getting to know each child and their unique character. From the quiet oldest girl to the energetic little one (that we had to raise our shutter speed for), we captured these girls being their authentic selves. It became easier as the session went on, for sure, as they got to know us. We even ensured that we captured some really sweet photos of Mommy and Daddy. After all, without them, these girls wouldn’t be where they are today!

Ricky and Stephanie, you have such a sweet and beautiful family. You are so uniquely put together, and we are so grateful for all that God has done for you in the last year. We hope that these photos near the beginning of this new chapter of your lives will be cherished for years to come! We are so blessed to know you.

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