Back at Waterford Ponds – The DeRyk Family

The golden glow at this beautiful Waterford Ponds family session created not just a warm and enjoyable experience, but also stunning and vibrant photographs!

Back at Waterford Ponds: The DeRyk Family

It was a homecoming of sorts as we found ourselves back at Waterford Ponds, a place near the house we once called home in Ontario before our journey eastward. The familiarity of this location brought back memories of our time here in February, and the light was just as enchanting as it was then. However, this visit was all about spending quality time with the wonderful DeRyk family at this Waterford Ponds family session.

Rekindling Old Friendships

Our connection with Jelle and Klazina runs deep, stretching back to the days when we were newly married and attended their own wedding. Now, their family has grown. Their eldest, Hadassah, is just a bit older than our second child, Pieter. She exudes sweetness. Levy, on the other hand, is a bundle of humor with an infectious smile. Sweet Tirza may be the shy one among her siblings, but capturing her smiles felt all the more rewarding. And then there’s Mark, born on his big brother’s birthday, a little character who kept everyone on their toes and beaming with joy.

Exploring Waterford Ponds: A Perfect Family Day Out

Waterford Ponds has an irresistible charm, offering a canvas for families to explore and create lasting memories. What binds us beyond friendship is that we share the path of homeschooling and Dutch heritage. We admire Klazina’s nurturing motherly instincts, her devotion to her family, and Jelle’s entrepreneurial spirit (he owns a hoof-trimming business).

A slight mishap with Jelle’s eye just days before this Waterford Ponds family session didn’t dampen our spirits. We worked diligently to ensure it didn’t mar the experience. And amidst all this, the old train bridge at Waterford Ponds remains a timeless sight. Though not ancient, it serves as a reminder of simpler times, an emblem of nostalgia that never loses its charm.

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